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League of Legends (LoL) Question: LoL Recorder

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  • Jack Rubino

    LoL Recorder

    I downloaded LoL recorder a long time ago when i decided to make replays of my games after i achieved my first quadra as Olaf. days ago i decided and deleted lol recorder and all replays cause since i cant see them for bugs ecc. (replays was 24.8 GB O.o) As i see lots of people having problems with lol recorder like me, i see lots of people dont having it and still make replays and see them, as we can see by some youtube channels. So im asking if there is anyone who solved the lol recorder problem an how he did and how can i do it too. Thanks :D
  • Answers (0)

    sirell (400) | August 18, 2013 5:56am
    Not at the moment as far as I know. I've just decided to uninstall it and record my games by using OBS.
    Jack Rubino (37) | August 19, 2013 8:31am
    ok it works, thanks :3
    sirell (400) | August 18, 2013 6:23am
    NOOOOOOOOOOO. Don't make me know plz. T.T
    Jack Rubino (37) | August 18, 2013 6:19am
    Looks Like a nice program, just from the home of the site, with all theese screens. i'll try and make u know if it works, later.
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