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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Looking for something to get me ELO

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  • the chaos bringer 00

    Looking for something to get me ELO

    I know this is a very generic wish but I am looking for something that could win me some ELO and possibly let me carry the game. Well I know very well how to play Jayce in top lane and Wukong in top lane and jungle but I was not very satisfied with what I achieved with them during S2.

    P.S. I know how to play all roles by the following order:
    Solo Top (ex. Jayce) > AD Carry (ex. Caitlyn > Jungler (ex. Wukong) > Solo Mid (ex. Ahri) > Support (ex. Shen)
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    FalseoGod (316) | November 22, 2012 11:18am
    It's all about playstyle and knowing what to do and when, as well as trying to shepherd your team.

    Basic stuff:
    • Warding properly;
    • Map awareness;
    • Don't be greedy, it frequently goes bad;
    • Avoid jungle engages without map visibility, it's dumb;
    • Focus on objectives (Towers, Baron, Dragon), instead of pointless chases for Acing;

    Carrying as Solotop frequently requires you to remember it's an isolated lane. You need to a) Do better than/as good as your opponent and b) Knowing when you should quit the lane to roam mid/prepare for a bot gank from base. Remember this might not work at all and lose you a tower.

    Jayce is good for crushing your lane, but he can fall off a bit in team fights. Wu is kind of the opposite (depends a lot on the matchup).

    In mid, always try crushing, warding river so that your team mates can see if your opponent is roaming (and in order to see your enemy jungler's steps). Remember to roam if you got a kill on your opponent/forced him to go b.

    As a support, ( Taric is my personal recommendation), always ward properly, pick your auras well and overall help your carry not screw it. As a carry, prioritize farming over killing, but do test them on the first three levels (poke with autos to see how they respond, etc).

    Good luck!
    Pluckin Penguin (117) | November 23, 2012 7:40am
    There aren't many skilled supports in low Elo games. That being said, if you learn how to play support. it can be easy to outclass the enemy support.
    Embracing (353) | November 22, 2012 7:04pm
    Jayce mid roaming is really really strong
    AncientNecro (46) | November 23, 2012 7:19am
    I seen you're good with Shen support - well, that's definitely a good start!

    The information I can gather from your post would leave me to leave these tips:

    1) Expand your solo-top collection of champions that you are good with. (If this a role that you love, you want to master it - have an answer for everything, know your counterpick strategies, ward more often than you do (even if you ward constantly :P). Sometimes you'll have to play versus your own counters, of course, so make sure you have some experience playing them. (Example: Yorick hard counters teemo, but I've played teemo top so damn much that you'd think I countered him).

    Some of the biggest factors in ranked, which I think weigh in MORE than play skill, is:

    1) Attitude : Keep your team happy, keep them wanting to win, and do everything you can to keep them focused on the things that matter.

    2) Not feeding: Seems like people are so worried about losing a ranked that it hurts them. They dive senselessly to get an extra kill. They stick around too long in a fight, or perhaps worse, are afraid to commit when the rest of the team does. Let them know that losing the lane isn't necessarily a loss, unless they are also throwing the game away.

    3) Picking Champs. Too many people don't play enough champions, period. There have been way too many times when I've watched someone counterpick themselves! Voice up about this, and try to tell people why. Get a decent team comp, or avoid battle.

    2) Expand that support army! If you like shen, I really recommend Leona. If there was ever a "support carry", its a total toss-up between Leona and Sona. I can't play Sona worth a damn, so I'll leave that one up to you. Wards, wards wards!

    3) Be extra nice in team chat. Defer to players who have a later pick than you sometimes. Work with people. Be flexible. If someone makes a bad choice, don't "OMFG NOOB sum1 drop" at them. Instead don't even mention the bad decision, but offer a more solid choice in a friendly manner. If they don't take it and you're afraid of a loss, you can always drop :P

    Pluckin Penguin (117) | November 25, 2012 8:24am
    Something that many players are a fault to is runes and masteries. Many players do not understand how to properly customize their rune and mastery pages. If you are still learning how to do this then you should check out some guides and see which runes and masteries they prefer and why they prefer them over others.
    Secondly, I've seen a lot of players think they're doing the right thing when they lock in the #1 counter-pick to a champion which in some cases can be great, but in others it is terrible. You should play the champions you're comfortable with because you don't have to counter pick someone to win your lane. 
    To the above tip successfully, try to learn 4-5 champions that are unique, and aren't all countered by a certain mechanic or skill. For example if I'm trying to learn how to play top lane I would pick a champion in each of these general categories:
    • AP (ex: Vladimir)
    • Safe (ex: Irelia)
    • Tank (ex: Malphite)
    • AD (ex: Riven)
      Keep counter picking, and team composition in mind while picking. Sometimes it is okay to pick a very easily counter-picked champion to have strong teamfighting power after the laning phase (ex: Karthus), but before you lock in ensure yourself that you're comfortable with the champion you're playing. Don't let your teammates tell you what to play, play what you know, and nothing else!
    Chibisora | November 24, 2012 11:21am
    Well said sir, 1+
    DivertoR | November 24, 2012 9:55am
    yeah, those thing with little skills will get you 60-80 win ratio... TESTED!
    TheStrangeDude | November 23, 2012 4:31pm
    I couldnt agree more. Listen to this guy!
    throatslasher (248) | November 23, 2012 7:03am
    Best way to get elo is to play mid. Mid has the biggest impact on the game as a whole. Learn morgana and ahri perfectly and you'll receive an elo shower.
    Pluckin Penguin (117) | November 25, 2012 8:13am
    Any middle lane champion that excels at roaming will do. Kassadin is also a low ELO pubstomper if you roam successfully.
    Banishedd (6) | December 5, 2012 8:47am
    Train yourself in proper laning, playing, and etiquette in normals before moving on to ranked. Be extremely confident in your abilities before making the jump. There is nothing wrong with waiting. Get really good at playing three to four different characters, at least two with a different lane. This way, in case you don't get the lane that you want, you can still benefit your team, and if you do get the lane you want, you have options (champion wise) to counter the opponent. Versatility in ranked play is key.
    DivertoR | November 24, 2012 9:51am
    there is nothing to "do" so u get you elo..

    all players have unique playing styles and preferable tactics, roles, champions etc...
    what you can do?
    A: be a better player... just practice a lot,read guides,watch video tutorials... till you will be sure that you can win at least your lane at ranked games..

    all the tactics mentioned above are not bad but they might not suit you and may result in losing elo instead of gaining....
    Minho (111) | November 25, 2012 8:29am
    I agree with PP. Watching streams can really give you an inside-look on what the high elo guys do and how to play. Those that give commentaries are the best because they explain what they are doing and their strategy to win their lane, etc. ^_^
    Pluckin Penguin (117) | November 25, 2012 8:14am
    Watching professionals stream also help. Especially the ones that give a lot of commentary on their play (ex: Wingsofdeathx). 
    DivertoR | November 24, 2012 9:54am
    also, before doing these things i mentioned you MUST do the stuff mentioned by AncientNecro in the previous comment in EVERY ranked game...
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