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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Seraphine + Sona is good at bot lane?

Posted in Champions | Tags: Abyssal Mask Archangel's Staff Lich Bane Seraphine Sona 8,102

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    Seraphine + Sona is good at bot lane?

    I've come with a good theory and I want to ask this question:

    We've seen players who made sona + taric work(, then it turned out to be lux + sona(,
    now we have a champion who's basically sona but a better version of sona and in current patch this belle seraphine is OP as hell.

    what made this work is the keystone "guardian" and I know it nerfed but I've seen some videos on youtube that sona + seraphine is actually OP as hell like this duo's

    my question is:
    what if sona takes guardian(+font of life + bone plating + revitalize), and seraphine takes aery(+manaflow + trancendance + gathering storm/scorch) as keystone?
    what if they both farm and start with spellthief's edge like sona + lux botlane?
    obviously to pull this duo, they both have to go AP, sona can still go for ardent/athene but would it be better to go full on AP build like archangels + lich bane?
    as you all know, lucian can be played in solo lanes too, so what if we put lucian in mid, seraphine as AP (which is should be mid), does it gonna have the same effect as soraka top but an adc version of it, with 2 supports basically?
    what if we replace the sona + seraphine duo, to taric + seraphine duo since that stupid champ is better than sona?
    please, someone try that one out and give us another broken duo in bot lane...
  • Answers (2)

    shir_ai | December 18, 2020 2:46am
    My friend and I play this sometimes, and it's a good combo if you're aggressive. Seraphine starts with doran's and farms, Sona has spellthief and pokes (Sona has a hard time pushing minions). You can both take dark harvest (or electrocute for Sera), if your Sona is fed and smart, she'll one shot late game. If you're pushed to your turret, play def and wait for ganks. There's not much to it really
    AvengingAvacyn | November 14, 2020 11:20pm
    Seraphine and Sona make a good double-Support bot lane.
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