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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Xayah or Ahri? - My next champion

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    Xayah or Ahri? - My next champion

    I don't know who to get, Ahri, she has my play style of high mobility but I feel she might be a little too squishy and when her abilities are on cool down I'm stuck there doing nothing. Or Xayah I see some players play really well with her but whenever I'm against her I seem to stomp her, is it just that I'm getting lucky with bad Xayahs or can she be set behind so much that she's useless the rest of the game. I play both adc and mid so that doesn't decide it for me.
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    ArkierKnight (5) | September 17, 2017 11:52am
    Well, i'd highly recommend Ahri. Altrough Xayah is quite an interesting ADC, Ahri excels as a roaming midlaner.As any assassin, she's kinda squishy in fact, but her CDs are not really high and you won't be really vulnerable once you get her playstyle, that is mainly E+Q. But what makes Ahri such a great champion is the abily to carry games,bursting the enemy midlaner and roaming to snowball other lanes, plus her ult can get you out of a lot of unfavaroble situations.

    Elusive Ferret has a really long and in-depth Ahri guide here in Mobafire in case you choose Ahri, it really covers almost everything about the champion.
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