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[7.15] Hwen's Mid Lane Tier List Patch 7.15

Hwen's Tier List Hwen's Tier List
Last updated on August 1, 2017
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New Tier List


Hello everyone. Welcome to a tier list I'll be doing every patch on the Mid lane. My personal opinion mixed with some statistics and browsing of other tier lists. Make sure to remind me if I missed any champions in the discussion!

Best picks

Extremely strong mid laners in the current meta. I'd look to pick them whenever possible.


strong picks

These champions are strong contenders for the meta in their own right. While strong, they may have significant weaknesses or counterpicks that are popular in the meta. Experienced players, however, can make any of these champions succeed. 


Average picks

Champions that are not optimized for the meta, and thus are not very good or bad. You'll need much more experience on these champions to reach the level of success if you were average on the tier 2 and 1 champions.


Weak picks

It's advisable that you avoid these picks in general. Maybe underpowered, maybe way too difficult to play.

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Hwen | August 1, 2017 8:26am
Discussion starts here. As a question, would you guys prefer if I did a tier list that's in-depth like this one, or stayed to a more general tier list, covering all roles instead?
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