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MikeyFeint's League of Legends Tier List

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[8.4] Solo Queue Champions With Positions. Patch 8.4

MikeyFeint's Tier List MikeyFeint's Tier List
Last updated on February 23, 2018
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Up to date League of Legends Tier list with positions played.


Listed here are the champions that are the most banned in the current patch.



Listed here are the most played champions of the current patch.


God Tier

The best League Of Legends champions that are clearly overpowered and highly favored in Ranked play. This will make it difficult to play a God Tier champion every game, These are the best League Of Legends champion picks in the current patch for ranking up, as well as the likely to be nerfed next patch.



These League Of Legends champions are the most ideal for ranking up in solo queue/flex queue. Since they are very close in strength to the God Tier champions, But less likely to be banned or picked. This will make it a lot easier to play the same champ every game.



These League of Legends champions are more of a preference pick within the LoL tier list. If you play a champion in this tier very well, chances are you are going to rank up in Solo Queue/Flex Queue. However these are not recommended, Since there are a lot of stronger and easier god tier champion picks in the current LoL Meta.



Its best to wait for RIOT to buff these before you play them in ranked, They were once part of the meta but currently struggle, Even though they work at lower elo's due to the fact that you never see them and people don't know how to deal with said champions.


Below Average

These champions are strong in there own right, However they are not favored in solo or flex queue. Since they are rarely played, they are more or less out of meta picks. Its best to wait for them to be buffed or a meta change before you play them again.



In the current meta these champions are not really viable unless you have the skills/know the champion well and know the strengths that they have, Until they receive a buff or the meta changes i would suggest not playing them.