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[9.1] my picks, mostly assassins ^^ Patch 9.1

alpxr7's Tier List alpxr7's Tier List
Last updated on January 12, 2019
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hey guys, i am glad that you find my tier list and i hope you'll like it. If you have something to say or discuss about, go for it ^^ acc name euw: nudelkopf01

my totally mains

as you can see i like assassins ._.


off and on picks

these are my champions which id like to pick when im bored and don't want to tryhard that much, splits into jungle and adc


champs i've learned last few weeks

i tried myself in toplane, didn't work that well but from now I know how to play these champs ^^


currently learning

yeah well these champs are not my playstyle but i thought that i could try something new and so i started to play on every lane


Midlaners i'd love to buy

these are my 5 favourite champs i'd love to buy for midlane 


supporter champs

currently i am mid main so i don't really play support, but if i would: heres my sup champion pool

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