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A small guide to ARURF 2021 ( Be glad they changed Goredrinker before ARURF went live ) Patch 11.2

Lane sinker's Tier List Lane sinker's Tier List
Last updated on February 1, 2021
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Work in progress. Tier list guideline for ARURF 2021: What to aim for and what to be scared of. Before you complain to me about the "if played well" spam, the ones on the lower half of the list will have a hard time against those in the upper tiers.

S tier ( Marksmen )

Pretty much the worst to fight against, even if you have a Teemo to blind them. Pray that you're the ones playing them or that they don't know how to play/have no idea Lethal Tempo can be used in URF.


S tier ( Mages and Assassins )

If they're dangerous but not a marksman, they're one of these.



I'm not joking. supports are very much something you need to be afraid of. Tanks, not so much this season.

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Reda_13 (7) | February 2, 2021 4:28pm
I feel like Zed should be added too because you know how Zed can you one-shot you if he uses his ultimate on you and lands all of his abilities? Well that but with 1 second cooldown Q's so if he misses his Q's once or even twice he can still have a third chance to hit them all and destroy you, not to mention his low cooldown W that makes him impossible to chase.
Lane sinker | February 1, 2021 2:38pm
With the worst season of league comes the least fun season of URF. That and surprisingly dangerous ADCs.
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