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ADC Archetypes & How to Support them Patch 11.4

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Last updated on March 1, 2021
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It's helpful to know as a support the archetype of your ADC so you know which items to build, etc.

I don't play ADC so this isn't something I'm super familiar with, so I'm creating this for my own future reference, as well as yours! The archetypes aren't listed in an order of one being better than another. Each has their own pros and cons.

Helpful: ;

I'm probably forgetting some or I've gotten something wrong, so please don't hesitate to correct me! :-)


Spellcaster ADCs deal most of their damage through abilities as opposed to auto attacks. More mana dependent. As a support: Staff of Flowing Water is a good second item.



Attackers deal their damage through auto attacks. As a support: Ardent Censer is a good second item.



Strong CC and engage. Good DPS but possibly less carry potential than other ADCs.As a support: try to chain CC. Be prepared to support your ADC and heal/poke/etc. when they engage.


Early game & Lane bullies

Lane bullies that excel in early game. Consistent poke and damage early but may fall off later.As a support: poke the enemy down, punish them if they try to get farm. Watch your mana.


Hypercarries & Scalers

Scale super well. 1v9 type beat. Weaker early/mid game. As a support: for scalers, play safer, let your ADC farm, and focus on scaling. Poke but don't play too aggressive. If your ADC is a scaler into an aggressive, lane dominant enemy lane, pick a support that can match the aggression from the other team and can catch the enemies if they get out of line.For hyper carries, try to get an advantage in lane around your ADC's level 2-3 power spike. Don't try to force anything. It might be better to punish when the enemy lane makes a mistake.



Get in, murder, get out.As a support: focus on buffing your ADC so they can burst the enemy down even faster, and keeping them alive. CC can be really helpful for a quick and easy engage. 

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