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ADC tier list 7.17 Patch 7.17

lecheez's Tier List lecheez's Tier List
Last updated on September 10, 2017
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A lot of these champions are debatable and some of them are better if they are facing non meta stuff . One of them is Jhin - he is really good if you are playing WITH an offensive support ( Zyra , Brand ) against non tanks and not a hyper carry ( Twitch , Kog , Tristana ) with an Ardent support.
Kalista is S tier if you know the champion and main her if you this is your 1st time playing she gets outshined by everyone else.
Draven and Lucian are really good if you know what you are doing . Draven can be S tier if you are DuoQing and both of you know what you are doing . But in SoloQ he still can get outscaled and if you are playing against an experienced botlane you might not guarantee kills in lane.


 Kalista is S tier if you are a Kalista main / otp



Lucian and Draven are A tier if you are a main / otp . Kog is not S tier because you need to build a team around him



Caitlyn is still a good champion in lane but gets outshined by everyone else



Draven , Kalista and Lucian are C tier if you are not familiar to them . Since they get outshined by everyone above them

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