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ArthurY1998's Tier List Patch 7.14

ArthurY1998's Tier List ArthurY1998's Tier List
Last updated on July 20, 2017
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God tier( Best picks/ Blind picks)

Champions in this tier are having decent lane ability and late game carry potential. They usually take great advantage in their laning phase and are capable to have high DPS after they have 3 items. Moreover, they often possess abilities to survive against ganks and in team fights.


 Demi-god tier

These champions are not outclassed by the god tier ones in any single ability, but they lacks either early game damage or instant movement which is vital for their survival. A good support can make these picks tier S.


Average tier

Average is average. They lack something like range, attack speed, late game ability or poke ability, which makes them easily countered in solo queue with these problems. Could be strong in some situations. 


Unworthy tier

Weak against most ADCs in current meta, they're impossible to fight against most ADCs either in lane or in late game. Let's wait for buffs before picking them in solo queue.


Eh tier(shitty picks)

They are out of meta and have very low efficiency in bot lane. You may consider them when you are trolling.

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MythicMike (1) | December 11, 2019 3:24am
The eh tier tab is accurate even to this day. But over the years some of these definitely should be placed differently. Tristana is not one of the worst picks anymore and Draven could be placed higher.
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