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Champions that are waiting for a skin Patch 12.1

JhoszOn's Tier List JhoszOn's Tier List
Last updated on January 7, 2022
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I maybe forget some of the legacy ones, if i miss something please tell me

Confirmed a new skin for this year

The "1000 days club", also here is Battle Bunny Riven and MF, Rek'sai it was on the List, but recently got the elderwood skin


On PBE / Patch 12.2

Skins on PBE: Porcelain, Crystal Rose and Firecracker (Zeri will have the withered rose skin)


New skins recently (end of season 11)

Elderwood, Debonair, Cafe Cuties, Arcane and Dragonmancers



Udyr will probably get one with rework Zilean, wait 1 year


Gangplank and fiddlesticks (2018)

Poor boys


Mundo (2018/2016)

Mundo got an LEGACY skin on 2018 (and a complete rework on 2021)

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