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Warrer3's Tier List Warrer3's Tier List
Last updated on September 5, 2019
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New Tier List


"Rework" is meant as anything that would change the champion: ability changes, buffs, nerfs, visual FX...

Comments are welcome!


A rework is NEEDED


Quality of life

For more fun and smoother gameplay



It's not vital to the champion,nor does it feel bad when playing them,it would simply improve them


Visual update

Pretty simple, they need a new base model




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Tauricus2017 (113) | September 4, 2019 10:54am
Hello @Warrer3 !
First of all I was kinda confused about the 'rework' word ( Qiyana was released just few weeks ago and she needs a full rework of most of hers abilities?!?) but as I read describtions of each champion I can tell that you mean 'rework' in all different ways (buff, nerf, standart rework, ability rework, voice lines update, VFX rework,...). But once I read all of the champions I was like 'Damn it - He is absolutely right!'. Tho I disagree with few of thems like Aurelion Sol that just recently got a mini rework and after it He seems ok to me. And with Tahm Kench - His support kit just is not possible since he was picked/banned on pro player scene so much and he was so neccesary in some team compositions and no buff or nerf on support role would change it since he was picked only for a Devour to save his ADC :/
But in any other champion I 100% agree. Also because this tier list is so awesome, detailed and (mainly) original I am giving a big +1 to it and I am excited to see more stuff from you!
Have a good day (yes... again...)
Warrer3 | September 4, 2019 1:17pm
Thank you for taking a look at it!
I'm aware that I used "rework" a biiiit loosely, but still, I'm pretty sure it fits in most if not all of them.
About Aurelion Sol you are absolutely right, I rushed too much without taking a proper look at the latest patch.
Still, I feel like the nerfs to the cooldown of Singularity were a bit unnecessary. We'll see how it goes!
Pre-Nerf Tahm Kench's Devour was absolutely over the top, I know, but after the changes he simply doesn't feel the same.
I hope they find a better Tahm Kench between the Pre-Nerf one and the Post-Nerf one.

Keeping the guide original was my main objective, but the detailed part was unintentional as I feel like giving a description to every champ turns away many people that wanted a quicker, more immediate tier list (it also gives people less reasons to comment, wich is not what I am going after).
The awesome is, of course, greately appreciated :)
Thank you for the upvote, it means a lot to me!

P.s: Don't even worry about the second good day, I mean, it's almost a new day alredy, and being nice is always appreciated! :D
Have a good whatever time of day/night it is when you read this!
Warrer3 | September 4, 2019 8:20am
Share your thoughts here if you want, I will answer as quickly as possible!
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