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[10.10]Icing On The Cake #1: (JUNGLE) Tier List!~ :D[10.10] Icing On The Cake #1: (JUNGLE) Tier List Patch 10.10

ChaseMorePlz's Tier List ChaseMorePlz's Tier List
Last updated on May 18, 2020
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Icing On The Cake #1 - Jungle Tier List by ChaseMorePlz!
Release: 12/26/2019-
Update: 12/27/2019- Elise moved from Tier 2 to Tier 1 (God Tier), Replaced with Nunu: Winrates are different among tiers, however choosing Nunu Pro builds has netted him an astounding win-rate above 50% in Solo Queue.
Update: 1/7/2020- Shyvana Moved from Tier 5 to Tier 4 due to the buffs she received in the Patch 10.1 Notes. Changes listed in the "Discussion" section!
1/11/2020: Shaco added to God Tier. 10.1 "God Tier" to better suit Shaco's added updates.
Updated 1/22/2020 - Graves jungle moved to God Tier due to the multiple buffs he received in Season 9. Trundle moved up a tier (from tier 3 to tier 2) due to the buffs he received in Patch 10.2! (Check the discussion page for my patch rundown series. Details 9.22-10.2). Fiddlesticks added to the "rework champions" tier. 1/29/2020: Sejuani added to the "rework champions" tier due to her rework about 2 years ago, it's so old that she was among the first few rework champions in history.. years ago, so I think she is viable. Karthus moved to a strong jungle pick.
Patch 10.3 Jungle Changes: Clear Red, Blue, and Gromp for the fastest level 3!
3/1/2020: Received new knowledge on how to play Jarvan 4 and Xin Zhao vs other junglers early game and updated their tooltips!
[Patch 10.4]: The only noteable change that isn't already mentioned that I know of has got to be the new specific champion and ability buffs for the following: Darius has a brand new PASSIVE update "HEMORRHAGE" attacks shall apply one hundred and twenty percent of the ability to monsters.
Q - DECIMATE can restore health from camps. Diana's passive Moonsilver Blade attacks are increased on monsters that are not epic. Garen E Judgement aka Spin to win aka OP Judge in Valorant can dish out one hundred and fifty percent attack points to monsters that are not in the epic category. Gnar also has his W damage flattened to three hundred points (not a percentage) which is what it was previously only at it's maxed rank dealt towards camps as bonus damage to them. Morde's passive deals the entier amount of hit points to camps twenty-five to one hundred and twenty (from levels one to eighteen). Talon's passive dishes out hit points against every camp for a value of one hundred and twenty percent. Zed's passive has been upped to one hundred percent versus camps. Contempt for the Weak full damage against camps: two hundred, three hundred and fifty, and five hundred as according to each level as described one, seven and seventeen.
[Patch 10.6] Just like 10.4, new jungle champions: Brand Passive that is titled "Ablaze" picks one hundred and twenty percent hit points to camps, Morgana W Pool (I have 100% W/R) will do one hundred and fifty percent of the hit point value towards camps. Shen's Q monster damage is buffed towards camps to now be current set values of one hundred and twenty at rank one, increasing by twenty each level. Teemo's Q blinding dart will prevail for a lengthier period of time approximately one hundred percent longer against camps. His damage over time ability does one hundred and fifty percent hit points against monsters. Yorick's Passive has tombstones on big camp deaths; Mist Walkers recieve fifty percent less damage from monsters. Zyra plants do one hundred and fifty percent hit points to camps. Funnelling addressed.

God Tier JUNGLERS (10.10)

*Says W***up* To The BEST 4 Jungle Champions! :D



Read All Notes Please! <3



Comments are much appreciated!~



Second to last, I expect some of these champions along with Tier 5 to receive buffs soon or even next patch. 



Weak jungle picks ATM (at the moment).