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CLoisX's Tier List Patch 10.10

CLoisX's Tier List CLoisX's Tier List
Last updated on May 13, 2020
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kiranezio (10) | May 14, 2020 6:26am
hey @ CLoisX
Welcome to mobafire buddy. As you are new here, i would like to give some suggestions to your tier list which attracts the viewers.
Try make more tier list as you have combined all the champions in a single list. Keep a suitable title for your each and every tier list like classification so tells what that tier is about and why you have placed them in that tier list.
Try to classify them according to their role. By that it is easy about which role you are talking about (ex: ADC tier in those place them in S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier) and try to add description for all tier which is below the title. In that you can explain for example( Late game, Early game etc). If you chose a particular role try to add all champions in that role so that viewers could know about their potential.
If you have any other doubts feel free to ask anytime. You can ask it here or you can PM me. I'll be using my mobafire account daily.

Thank you,
@ kiranezio
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