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[COMPLETED] Champion Power Levels According to Lore Patch 11.18

TheAmazinAsian's Tier List TheAmazinAsian's Tier List
Last updated on September 12, 2021
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New Tier List


Power Level Tier List based on Lore
Note: this is not a 1v1 tier list, so arguments such as "Well x champion could kill y in a 1v1" are not applicable. Lower tier champions can definitely kill higher tiered ones, the tiering is a measure of how much destructive and defensive capability they have in a 1vWorld scenario.
Suggestions are welcomed


Immortal Celestials with unlimited/unknown power to affect the entire universe



Extremely powerful beings that could destroy all of Runeterra, given the opportunity and the incentive



Behemoths that could singlehandedly wipe out nations



Ascended warriors, ancient guardians, and terrors of lore, their destructive capability can fell cities in a single day



Those who have far surpassed the level of mortal capability, whether it be through a lifetime of training, fated ancestry, or expertise in magic



Elite fighters and spellcasters who have proven themselves to be experts in combat, untouchable and/or incredibly deadly on the battlefield



Capable fighters who can take on a few soldiers without issue



Not dangerous, but can be very helpful/powerful in other ways

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woolly26 (1) | September 18, 2021 12:44pm
Aatrox should be catastrophic , soraka is god like , yummi is more powerful than most human champs , teemo is at least lethal , sett is at least lethal and every yordle is at least lethal since yordles intelligence is very high( most of them) and teemo is one of the most powerful yordles and teemo is more powerful than poppy if he is in a jungle . This list is extremely wrong also Nocturne is mostly god tier ,vel`koz God tier ,Azir ,Xerath , Morgana , Nasus and Renekton also because both of these are ascended , also master yi is legendary he can defeat armies instantly ,wukong is legendary ,Draven is the 3rd weakest league champion so he should be Dangerous .This list is bad.
Siinful | September 14, 2021 1:46pm
Aatrox that low? He's way stronger than Viego lore wise that's for sure.
Metallichydra (9) | September 10, 2021 10:31pm
I don't really think nocturne deserves such a high spot, considering he is "just" a demon. He also got defeated by lux, and while this tierlist is not a 1v1 tierlist, it does show that he isn't really that powerful. On a sidenote, we know from yone's quotes that he generally isn't scared of demons, instead taunting them - except fiddlesticks, which he seem kind of afraid of. I believe that this shows that fiddle and nocturne definitively is not at the same powerlevel (Nocturne is much weaker than fiddle).

On the other hand, some champions seem to be placed a bit too low:
Vel'Koz: Vel'Koz is not only the oldest voidborn, he is probably also one of the most powerful. His laser can destroy most things and he has immense knowledge collected over the years. He can also, according to his in-game (in-client?) description disrupt the "very fabric of the world itself".

Veigar: Vaigar is actually a quite powerful mage, being able to defeat bandits with ease, and also raze big buildings to the ground, indicating powerful and destructive magical capabilities.

Soraka: Her magic is so poweful she is actually burning from the inside out. Yes, she may try to help people, but this wasn't a 1v1 tierlist after all.
WladynoszYT | September 8, 2021 5:43am
Shouldn´t Azir and Xerath be godlike btw? In the lore, Azir could destroy whole nations with his army, he can make thousands of sand soldiers and renew them - also he has his empire behind his back. And Xerath is an incredibly powerful mage with artilery-like abilities that cause a lot of destruction, so he is capable of destroying whole nations too. Or not?
Metallichydra (9) | July 29, 2021 7:45pm
I think vel'koz should be higher, since he can basically disintegrate everything he wants to.
Also, Kha'zix and Rengar seem to fit more in the lethal category. They are good fighters, yes, but not much else, and unlike most other in that tier, they aren't actually aren't that powerful. Rengar hunts big animals, but that's it.
Metallichydra (9) | June 5, 2021 6:42am
I feel like Sona should be in the "dangerous" category, as she in the short story (Can be found on riots own site) "One last show", she makes a bunch of mageseekers (Soldier-like people) Dance against their will, so she could probably take on a few soldiers without issue.
TheAmazinAsian | July 17, 2021 12:52pm
Oh wow I had no idea there was actual evidence of Sona's music having magical effects, thank you for the info! I have updated the placement accordingly :D
EvoNinja7 (17) | May 20, 2021 11:29am
Aatrox, Cho'gath, both insanely strong champions (lorewise ofc). I mean, Aatrox is a legendary Darkin, same goes for Varus. IF Azir is in legendary, then I feel the Darkin deserve to be there since they're very similar in strength. With Cho'gath, I mean isn't he speculated to be massive, like planet size, and he's not in godlike? Also, why is yone in the same tier as Xerath or Renekton.

Other then those minor issues this list is pretty cool and accurate, nice job!
TheAmazinAsian | May 21, 2021 9:15pm
Thanks for your comment!

The Darkin indeed were incredibly powerful, being Ascended warriors corrupted by the Void, they would be in the same tier as the other Ascended such as Azir. However, thanks to the Aspect of Twilight, the Darkin have been weakened considerably by binding them to weapons. In Aatrox's lore, he makes it clear that his current form is but a mockery of the height of his splendor. This was why I demoted the three Darkin (Aatrox, Kayn, and Varus) to "Superhuman."

As for Cho'gath, I'm not sure where you read that he is supposed to be planet-sized (maybe the Dark Star skin line? though that is not canon to Runeterra) but let me know if it's from a reputable source. There is very little information about how powerful he is in the official lore from what I have seen. From what I read though, I found that he has diamond-durability hide and is continually feasting and growing. As of yet, however, I doubt he is at a nation-destroying level, as surely he would have done something terrible worthy of a lore update if that were the case. But yes, I concede that a lot that went into his placement was hand-wavy speculation.

And finally for Yone, in his first life he was already a very close match to Yasuo, putting him at high "Lethal" or low "Superhuman" tier. When he was slain, he encountered an Azakana demon, and was able to overcome and tame it, confining it into the mask on his face. Now, having returned to the material plane, he hunts other Azakana with his new demonic sword. I thought that this warranted him being promoted to "Legendary," but I can understand why that might seem a little excessive. As it is unclear whether Yone can even be killed at this point though, I think he sits at low "Legendary" tier.

Again, thanks for the feedback, and please let me know if you have any other questions or see any other strange tier assignments!
EvoNinja7 (17) | May 23, 2021 4:18am
Ah thank you so much for the clarification on those, I now see why you place those champions, especially the Darkin, where they are. With regards to cho, I'll try and get back to you if I can find evidence.
Again, great tier list!
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