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EmErEldSquEd's Tier List Patch 11.12

EmErEldSquEd's Tier List EmErEldSquEd's Tier List
Last updated on June 16, 2021
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TheImmortalEye (7) | June 17, 2021 2:30am
is this for a lane or for champs you like? if its a support tier list can neeko join XD
EmErEldSquEd | June 20, 2021 2:49pm
It is a support tier list, and I'm eventually going to play all champs as support and put them on this. I play a lot of off-meta stuff so I'll make it work. And also yes Neeko will definitely be on this, she's my second highest master champ lol I just threw some stuff on there for now
TheImmortalEye (7) | June 20, 2021 11:36pm
ok thx for the reply. if you wanna play neeko support its very fun i just wanna give some tipps as a lv 7,
start w first as sup as the third auto is a devastating poke tool to pepper a vayne with and so u can set up a lv 2 root engage by w running in then e root through a wave and auto then back off unlike mid neeko, q i would take vs a caitlyn or other high ranged champs and e mostly when invading. in leveling i would put 3 points into q but then dont max it then go e max for the root. neeko is a weird mage bot as she wins against most hook champs unlike vel koz or xerath, but ironicly loses to all other mage supports as she lacks the range and is more all in than ranged poke, especially vel koz is basicly made to end neeko. Otherwise you could also give orn or taliyah a try theire pretty effective as offmetas to the point many of their mains shifted to support, Orn can stop engages with his w and gets just incredibly tanky for no real reason and taliyah is a hyperaggressive playmaker mage with high early damage and roam potential.
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