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Fallerium's League of Legends Tier List

Welcome to Fallerium's Tier List. This list is 100% controlled by Fallerium. Feel free to comment on or rate it. Or if you want to show your expertise Create a Tier List of your own.

Fallerium's Champion Pool Patch 9.7

Fallerium's Tier List Fallerium's Tier List
Last updated on April 16, 2019
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New Tier List


Hi ! I made my own personal tier-list based on who I like to play, who I'm ok at, and who i would like to get better at. Inspired by other lists I saw
The purpose of this list is just to keep my brain more organized lol.

If you have any tips for the 'Getting Better' section, please don't hesitate to comment <3


Who I think I've gotten pretty good at / I know a lot about.



Pretty ok/ More knowledgeable.


Getting there !

Champions I'm trying to practice and desperately get better at


I use to love you

Champions I use to play as a lot but not anymore


i forgot you existed

I rarely ever play them.


I want you

Champions I'm looking forward to try out / buy.