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Feelings abt Champs as characters. W.I.P. Patch 12.4

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Last updated on February 16, 2022
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My personal takes abt various champs based on like voicelines(including from Legends of Runeterra), scraps of lore here & there, & sometimes gameplay when it feels relevant. I am a useless lesbian so girls take priority, plus there are less girls in League than boys so it's easier to do them all first.

My darlings

These characters are my favorites, full stop


I like you

They don't invoke the same lvl of passion as my faves but I do, nevertheless, like them quite a bit.


It's Complicated...

Most of these ones I kinda like but there is some aspect of them not and my feelings abt them to elevate them to the higher tiers. As is, they certainly do not sit below "Has Potential" as they do have that, it's more do I like what has been done with them enough to put them in "I like them" or do they still feel like they have too much squandered promise that I feel dissatisfied.


Has potential

These I like but more for all the fun stuff I could/would do with them meanwhile the current execution is still somewhat lacking.


this is fine

There is some sort of lvl of charm to them. Tho they lack the pull that those in "Has Potential" that really make me turn them around in my head & consider their character & lore. They too are not entirely w/o potential but I don't crave that potential being explored nearly as much.



I just lack feelings most feelings.



I am not found of these. It goes slightly beyond "Neutral"l but mostly in terms of the fact I don't want to learn more about them & would rather spend my time with characters I prefer.


shitty dudes

These are just the kinds of dudes I do not like


Cop Tier

ACAB, **********er.

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TheImmortalEye (15) | February 7, 2022 5:18am
fun fact i love about kindred : she doesnt really exist, the masks of kindred are folktales depicting runeterras " Grim Reaper" theire the universal represantation of death in the current time , before them other beings have filled this role known from kindreds cards in legends of runeterra "fading icon" "Mask mother" " wings and wave" represent either previos versions or addons to the tale, while the kindred itself wont exist forever, they shudder and fear the " Etherfiend" a being probably representing future, the fact that someday he will take their place and the kindred will be forgotten.

otherwise rell, taliyah and neeko are beyond amazing ingame and in lore XD

only thing i will add is , xayah doesnt really belong to good politics, she means well but shes basicly a radical terrorist who wants to wipe out and hates humans of noxus or ionia as they steal vastayan homes and lifeessences... so more of a yikes.
Starripple (2) | February 7, 2022 1:07pm
Oh yeah, I read up all abt that stuff through my personal deep-dive thru the LoR section of the wiki. I think it's always neat to see characters exploring the idea of spirits/gods that have their existence tied to they way they are perceived, whether or not they are remembered, & so on. I feel in love w/ the Kindred from when I first saw them but my appreciation has certainly only grown as I learned abt them & all of their kin.

Yeah, Rell & Taliyah were 2 I knew I was going to love from the get-go & well, I already noted the delightfully surprising fondness I have for Neeko. That sweet lil' Oovi-Kat has totally stolen my heart!

As for the politics thing & Xayah, well I suppose I more mean that she's more got a point than not & appreciate where she's coming from. In so far as her prejudice against humans, while not something I endorse, is rather understandable given the negative repercussions for both the world @ large & her community in specific. I mean given my understanding of the stealing of vastayan homes & the way Noxus & the Order of Shadow as having some heavy colonialism parallels, I can't help but see a lot of her fighting as to some degree justified. Now I also want to warn you that I don't have crazy extensive knowledge abt everything to do with LoL so there could be stuff out there that portrays Xayah as just blood-thirsty & taking things way too far but I think she has earned the lvl of bitterness & aggression I have seen of her given the context I know. Like, if she went out of her way to kill when it was clearly unnecessary, went out of her way to attack those not directly contributing to the perpetuation of her kind's oppression/systems exploiting the environment, I would readily call her out for that being objectionable.

There is also to be considered the way characters beliefs are treated by world & thru their depiction by their writers. I firmly believe that Xayah's disdain towards humans(& to a lesser extent yordles for that matter) are clearly to be a flaw of hers in the fiction, something she struggles with. Because of this, I am more readily able to appreciate it as complexity that she has as nuanced character. I also would say that of the characters that I praise for their politics/beliefs she is listed third very much intentionally, Zeri & Ekko are definitely the 2 champs who really I find my sort of world view respected in & there are several other characters who feel less overtly "political" who in a lot of ways I similarly respect like Riven, Rell, & Taliyah. The things abt Xayah I most appreciate are those she shares with them: a dedication to community, a proactive approach to facing injustices, & standing in opposition to forces interested in exploiting the natural resources.

I hope I was able to convey my points well, I understand how my appreciation of Xayah is a bit of a... spicy take. It was delight to read your comment!
TheImmortalEye (15) | February 8, 2022 12:28am
dont worry its admirable u like xayah , its just riot has been sadly kinda clear Riot neither intends to clarify what xayahs exact convictions are ( sometimes she seems reasonable such as the lore bits since she usually only convienently encounters burly evil man or Prison Guards, yet her voicelines do imply a way darker fantasy, certain lorebits hint at an extremely cold heartless personality only interrested in her tribe and rakan, basicly if she encounters a human village she would totally kill a child and say " theill grow up to opress us like the rest" its not just disdain, its tipical league of legends extremism where most is irreparebly extreme since no story gets continued , we never get her "overcome" this meaning its hard as hell to judge her ( shes both admirable and seems quite racist to even her own kind , hating ahri for even associating with a human, hating yordles for being lesser in her eyes and all humans"

Noxus seems to be colonialism, Order of shadows seem to be more extremist fighters as they do work for ionias people but use dark methods.

anyway still great opinion and u may be interrested reading and watching up Pantheon, while hes more male centric in his story, he has a true noble heart, great story and is a very very strong character. summarized he was a normal man from leonas tribe ( solari) until he climbed the mountain and claimed the ultimate reward to become an aspect, yet the aspect decided to posses him and wage a war against the darkin in which aartox killed the aspect, but left the man who now harbours a hate towards how the gods use humans as tools.
he feels sorta like a big supportive uncle.

Pyke is also an interresting one, both a good horror / spirit character aswell as sort of reasonable , he died on a ship to hunt a JHaulfish but the line was cut , but something deep in the abyss ( either the jhaulfisch or the void/ smth even more eldritch horror vibey) revived him with a list to kill his former crew, yet no matter how many he kills theres always just one more name on the list. hes reasonable in the sense he has no control over this new him, he just knows killing and he feels nothing doing it.
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