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Junglers in rank of ganking potential Patch 9.11

LighterDay's Tier List LighterDay's Tier List
Last updated on June 10, 2019
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As the title suggests, this list is about junglers who have good ganking potential. The list will be updated over time, but if you feel a champ is in the wrong place or if there's a champ missing, feel free to comment below.

Turret won't save you

Tier Description


stay close to turret

Tier Description


you may push lane

Tier Description


at least you tried

Tier Description


I honestly don't know

This tier is for champs I've seen jungle often and am conflicted about

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Komahum (2) | June 9, 2019 9:10am
Are Nunu & Willump really that strong of a jungling champion? I've played them before besides in bots to just mess around, but I am currently intrigued as to how they're considered to be one of the best jungle champions in League at the moment. In fact, I just wanna start jungling period, and experience other roles outside of ADC at the moment. I've had N&W for the longest, so I guess they're going to be my first champ of interest to test the waters with.
LighterDay (1) | June 9, 2019 1:15pm
Nunu & Willump are top tier because: 1) Nunu's W gives you high movement speed as well as a knock-up if it lands, making it best to gank from river; 2) Nunu's Q allows him to heal after use on an enemy champion or minion, so if he tower dives, he can heal for a good portion of his health and possibly live; 3) Since Nunu is meant to be built as a tank, naturally, it's understandable that he could potentially tower dive or tank turret. However, what makes him different from other tanks on the list is that healing factor that can allow him to tank turret. These are why I consider Nunu & Willump to be top tier junglers.
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