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Low Elo Mid Lane Tier List Patch 11.10

nraxxr's Tier List nraxxr's Tier List
Last updated on May 25, 2021
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This is a good guideline for which champions you should or should not be playing as a low elo mid laner. Obviously you can play whatever champion you want, but this is just generally what will work in soloq and what won't.

Low skill - high reward

These are your freelo champions, AKA, champs that are going to give you the most results for the lowest effort. 


medium skill - high reward

Overall, these are champs for slightly more advanced players that will likely see great results when played correctly.


High skill - high reward

If you can manage to pick up and put some time into these champions, you will likely see drastic improvements in your elo gain.


Medium skill - medium reward

These champions aren't necessarily the best in the game, but you can still see some success with them. 


high skill - medium reward

These champions are relatively hard to play, but you will see some success with them if you can learn them. 


off meta picks that kind of work

These picks are really weird but can see some success when executed properly. Prepare to be flamed. 


low reward champions

No matter how much time you put into these champions, it is unlikely that you will see success in low elo due to balance issues, team coordination issues, etc. 


why are you playing this?

This is not an "off-meta" strat, it sucks and please stop ruining my soloq games with it. 

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