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Meta Champions for All Roles - 11.6 Patch 11.5's Tier List's Tier List
Last updated on March 16, 2021
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In fact, after each patch, I publish a list of meta champions for the local community. But I also wanted to use it here because it's a bit hard to show everything more tidy through the my blog. I have endeavored to write the explanations in both languages. I hope you'll find this list useful and I'll help you win plenty of LPs.

For source:

Top lane (üst korİdor)

ENG: The champions here are the best top lane champions for the current patch. If you're a top lane player, you have to improve yourself in these champions to win LPs and jump in next the league. /// TUR: Buradaki şampiyonlar mevcut yamada üst koridor için en iyi şampiyonlardır. Üst koridor oyuncusuysan, LP kazanmak ve lig atlamak için bu şampiyonlarda kendini geliştirmelisin.


jungle (orman)

ENG: The champions here are the best jungle champions for the current patch. If you're a jungle player, you have to keep on eye on these champions to control your game more wisely. /// TUR: Buradaki şampiyonlar mevcut yamada orman bölgesi için en iyi şampiyonlardır. Ormancı bir oyuncuysan, oyunu daha iyi kontrol edebilmek için bu şampiyonlara dikkat etmelisin.


mıd lane (orta korİdor)

ENG: The champions here are the best mid lane champions for the current patch. If you're a mid lane player, you should learn these champions as soon as possible to carry and win more matches. /// TUR: Buradaki şampiyonlar mevcut yamada orta koridor için en iyi şampiyonlardır. Orta koridor oyuncusuysan, maçları taşımak ve daha fazla maç kazanmak için bu şampiyonları en kısa sürede öğrenmelisin.


bot lane (alt korİdor)

ENG: The champions here are the best bot lane champions for the current patch. If you're a bot lane player, try to master these champions whenever you can to carry your games. /// TUR: Buradaki şampiyonlar mevcut yamadaki en iyi alt koridor şampiyonlarıdır. Alt koridor oyuncusuysan, maçları taşımak için her fırsatta bu şampiyonlarda ustalaşmayı düşünmelisin.


support (destek)

ENG: The champions here are the best support champions for the current patch. If you're a support player, try to support your lane and your team with these picks. /// TUR: Buradaki şampiyonlar mevcut yamadaki en iyi destek şampiyonlarıdır. Destek oyuncusuysan, koridorunu ve takımını desteklemek için bunları seçmeye çalışmalısın.

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Lazlum (2) | January 12, 2021 12:25am
It's accuarate but after the nerfs akali is not performing that well,galio is way better
[-] | January 21, 2021 6:03am
Thank you. Akali removed right now from the list and Seraphine goes in. :)
TheInkKingLoL (40) | October 26, 2020 8:56am
Nice tier list, though of course I have some notes and questions.
For top lane, I was wondering about Renekton being there? I know he has a very good play rate is very powerful in the current meta, so I wondering why he is missing?
Jungle is fine if you're speaking about maybe silver-high gold elo but what about higher elos? Graves, Nidalee, and Lillia are very meta champs right now and they deserve to be up there if this is for all elos.
For mid lane is seems pretty good except Ahri and some mages that would viably be there are missing.
Bot lane and support are good, no comments there.
Well done on the tier list!
[-] | December 5, 2020 9:21am
Thank you for your comment my friend. It is good for me to improve my tier list. Now it is updated for 10.24! I hope you can check it again. :)
ttrtahir | October 19, 2020 8:57am
For top lane: Where the hell is Volibear or Renekton?? And what do you think that Jax can posibly do without 2 item in this meta?

For jungle: Overall is good but Rammus. You can also add Karthus, Graves and Nidalee there. Meta is scaling meta so you can even add Shyvana, Master Yi or Udyr but things really depends on the matchup and your team.

For mid lane: I think the guide is about enlarging the champ pool that we have so it'll be beter if you just replace Talon with some mage like Orianna, Cassiopeia or Twisted Fate. Lucian is in the meta right now you skipped it.

For bot lane: It'll be beter if you just add a mage for bot lane like Heimerdinger, Swain, Cassiopeia, Syndra etc. I really recommend it cuz sometimes its really not posiblle to win the lane with your champ pool or your team is full of ad, just need some mage. But its just an advice. Ezreal is always a realiable option, you need to consider that as well. Not as powerfull as others but Twitch can rip the late game apart as a hypercarry.

For support: There is really really beter options rather than them at all. Lulu is just playable with some adc's otherwise its B tier i think. Blitzcrank is okey but Nautilus is better than that. I dont wanna judge Senna yet cuz i cant just comfortable with her and i dont want to misdirect you but if you pick senna as sup your bot lane probably be immobile and can not fight for scuttle but she has huge scaling, i dunno. Soraka is okey but needs comp for her. Well, noooow here is the beter optionsss: Leona for huge tankiness, Morgana for anti-playmaking potencial, Karma for winning the bot lane by just herself. Okey champs for sup: Alistar, Zyra, Janna(has a huge potencial in the right hands), Lux, Taric(funnel eheh) etc.

Judging is way more easier than making a guide so i really appricate what you did.

Turkce bir rehber hazirlama cesaretinde bulundugun icin tesekkurler. <3
[-] | December 5, 2020 9:20am
Öncelikle yorum teşekkürünü Türkçe olarak yapayım. Çok teşekkür ediyorum geri bildirim için. Bunlar listeyi daha iyi hale getirmek için bana yardımcı oluyorlar. Kaynak kısmında neden seçildiklerini detaylıca açıklıyorum ama maalesef burada öyle bir imkanım olmuyor. Sorularına diğerlerinin görmesi için İngilizce cevap vereceğim.

Jax has a high skill cell. You need much more concentration than other champions. But he is really powerful in right hands. So it is in meta for about several patches for me. Graves and Kayn added for jungle. Talon replaced with Viktor and Akali for the sake of the new patch. In bottom mages is good for countering some physical damage champions or shaking the game's rightful balance. But I don't think they are good for meta. To support, Lulu and Leona still viable for me my friend. :)
SELORONIOS (82) | June 30, 2020 7:39am
nice tier list @ .
I usually check guides to tell where I think is wrong but it's a good and short one.
[-] | July 14, 2020 11:29am
Thank you for your feedback. I am open to all kinds of positive and negative criticism. :)
EvoNinja7 (15) | June 1, 2020 3:04am
I don't think Ezrael is in the not lane meta anymore, that goes for Caitlyn as well. Ezrael is still a good pick but since so many people use to play him, people have realised how to counter him and so I don't see too many of them anymore. Caitlyn is one of those champions that will stay popular, but will never be strong enough. It is a VERY accurate tier list and I like how you added translations.
[-] | June 3, 2020 6:40am
In fact, this is not exactly the case. I have a little lacking. I made choices this way so that there were at least 5 champions in each role. Otherwise, sometimes I have 2 or 3 meta champions for the top lane. I try to choose the rest among the best.

Maybe I can consider doing a subdivision. Thus, the separation between the meta and the remaining good can be much easier. I'll think about that. Thank you very much for your feedback.
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