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Mid-lane Champ Difficulty Tier List Patch 10.12

MaximusPrime's Tier List MaximusPrime's Tier List
Last updated on June 13, 2020
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This tier list is aimed for people who are new to the mid-lane and want to pick up an easy champ to learn for the role and for more experienced mid-laners looking for a new main or more difficult champ to learn. This tierlist rates them mostly by how mechanically difficult they are.


These are some of the most mechanically simple champs out there.


simple to pick up

Mostly champs that require you to land skillshots but otherwise aren't particularly difficult or have a billion things you have to memorize.



Champs that may have special combos that you need to memorize and execute well in order for you to play them well, more in-depth knowledge about the matchup, or may have abilities that require you to use them situationally that you have to prepare for.



Champs that require you to have very good micro, awareness in teamfights, and/or require you to keep track of multiple things at once.

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