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Mid Lane Tier List 12.2 Patch 12.2

DaffeLaffe's Tier List DaffeLaffe's Tier List
Last updated on January 23, 2022
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New Tier List


Hello everyone welcome to what will be a Mid Lane Tier List for patch 12.2! This tier list will be going through who fits into the current meta of the Mid Lane. There are 5 tiers down below from an OP Tier which is the best one to a C Tier for champions who are not viable in the current meta. This tier list is not all perfect since champions work better in different Elos, and this Tier list is just what I have experienced to be the best. But even so, if this Tier list manages to help in some sort of way, I would very much appreciate a vote.

Feel free to let me know where I've left champions out or where you disagree!

Thanks for your time :))


Current OP Champions. These champions are generally very favorable to pick, since they have  high potential to snowball and carry games. They are also the best to climb with, also just because their kit right now is very broken and hard to deal with.



Champions that are in the meta and perform very well, and who are still able to snowball out of control. These champions are also good to carry games, They are essential parts to any team.



These are champions are in the meta and are powerful picks and able to peform very well.



These champs are not currently fitting into the current meta due to their bad win-rates and they dont synergies very well with champions who are in the meta. Even so these champions can still be viable in the right hands.



Champions that are very bad in the mid lane meta right now. I would not recommend to pick up any of these champs if you are tryna climb up the ranks.

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ODDMIX | January 24, 2022 9:50am
being a vex main made me very happy to see that she is op bc she has so many possiblity's
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