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Most Fun To Play With Supports Patch 9.10

TotallySugoi's Tier List TotallySugoi's Tier List
Last updated on May 18, 2019
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This is my list of supports which are the most fun to have on your team, wether you're playing ADC or another role. This is not a performance based tier list as some un-fun supports are very high winrate and are very good. This is a fun list which consists of my favourite supports to be paired up with, and the most hated as well.


The most feel-good supports to have on your team, makes your team have a happy time.


Very good

Supports which enchance the game greatly for the team but have a few set backs.



Supports which are good to have but are not over the top amazing.



Supports who aren't deseriable, but aren't bad either.



Supports which make the game less fun for the team.