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My Favourite Supports  Patch 11.24

TheImmortalEye's Tier List TheImmortalEye's Tier List
Last updated on December 29, 2021
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Hi guys this is a Personal Opinion on Supports and how much i play/ like them

im quite weird on this and i dont play ranked often so this isnt indicative of strenght, i did play every support to atleast lv 5 , not including the dont touch ones.


Tier Description


Absolute Favourites

usually mains i tend to pick often and have to atleast lv 7



champs i pick regularly , usually managed to get to lv 5/6


i like but dont often play

Tier Description


Do not Like to play

still played these to lv 5 but never picked them afterwards


never Pick up

i dont touch these

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Metallichydra (12) | January 3, 2022 3:09am
This is probably a really stupid question, but ... does Vayne's Condemn work on Taliyah's wall?
And if so, do they have good synergi?
TheImmortalEye (15) | January 3, 2022 4:43am
yes it does, its a good matchup but keep a few things in mind,

vayne is weak early game, taliyah is a horrible peeler until everfrost/rylais, shes a pantheon type of kill support, so get a good vayne onboard and know your limits or you will prob just have a bad time. so if you play agrressively yes theire combo is good, if you dont anivia is just way better and safer.

pre ult u can still do a fun combo , use w and shove sideways , close enough to a wall so condemn can still work. this takes practice and coordination. also again taliyahs strenght is u can kill people solo at lv 3 so use that to get vayne to a 2 0 0 and ur basicly won if she knows how to abuse her early powerspike.

taliyah works best with cc heavy adcs ( ashe, aphelios, xayah) or early beasts ( akshan , draven, samira, vayne as u can get her fed)
worst with kaisa,kog maw, twitch since u got low cc /peel
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