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NeV4rD's Tier List Patch 11.3

NeV4rD's Tier List NeV4rD's Tier List
Last updated on February 16, 2021
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5 Votes
New Tier List

A Tier (A list tiddies)

Tier Description


B TIER (Boobs okay)

Tier Description


C tier (Cunt okay)

Tier Description


D tier (degenerate)

Tier Description


F tier (callmecarson)

Tier Description

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GrandMasterJhin (4) | January 13, 2021 7:11am
as for this tier list I can clearly say you are a cultured person
also Yuumi Waifu?
you are way too cultured I cant reach you XDDDDD
Rek'Sai is probably the best here
dont touch Annie guys FBI will find you
Morgana is a good one for real
Kayle deserves better
Akali is the hottest
Janna has good feet that makes her even better
Leona has way too much armor
Kai'Sa I read a lotta her hentais :I
Seraphine is C tier
Orianna is made of Iron so ...
Shyvana not gonna bang a dragon (except for Tohru of course)
Vel'Koz ...
well that's all I wanted to say
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