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Off-meta midlane tierlist Patch 13.18

Dustyacer's Tier List Dustyacer's Tier List
Last updated on September 16, 2023
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Mainly for fun.

Good blind picks are rated higher, but picks that are only usable against some opponents are also accounted for but lose some points for having really bad mus. No particular order within tiers.
Do note: many of these champs I don't have much experience playing against/vs. or seen much. And if i did, it may have been several months ago.

stronger/similar to actual midlaners

Picks that I THINK you can reach GM/Chellenger (with work put in). Underrated picks. Many of these there are actual GM/Challenger players. Might be there best lane. 


Comparable to weak meta midlaners

Similar level to those meta mid laners that always fall at the bottom of the tier list. Decent picks, may have some bad mus. There is a reason to pick these over a meta midlaner. Has some weaknesses. Could easily be in the tier above.



Has some merit for being in mid rather than their main role. lots of weaknesses and/or bad mus.



Usable in certain situations, maybe even still not the best though. Has clear weaknesses with not many good mus. Definitely better in a different lane.


Barely Usable

Was originally gonna call this Ryze tier.



I actually played vs a braum mid once, yeah.... i solo killed them at like lvl 2/3 as a zilean...


Top Tier Counterpicks

Very good against the right mu


Dont know :/

Haven't seen much of them nor do I know how they'd play too much. All of them have potential I guess. 


Op Tier

Broken Champ. Top-high tier pick even compared to meta picks

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BigPapaBenderButtspanker (2) | January 31, 2023 5:22am
VARUS MORGANA ASHE and YORIK and Sejuani its not a WEAK mid its so OP mid may be u dont try it at all)))
Dustyacer (4) | February 1, 2023 8:56am
Ive actually played all of them but yorick a decent amount, and yorick I have lots of theory and research on. I newiver said they were weak, but comparable to a weak midlaner ie. comparable to someone like orianna (before her recent buff).

Morgana can only just push and many hcamps do her job better. She has terrible AA range making her trades awful, he Q is insanely hard to hit. Its ok but not too good.

ashe ive played the cdr build a decent amount, but its laning phase is a bit of a struggle.

Sejuani ive actually played a ton of sej mid, good vs melee. But wants to have melee champs on team. VS ranged its ok. Her scaling and tankiness are kinda bad. But if she gets a big of a lead she can just kinda oneshot while building tank.

Ap varus is nice other than having little cc, no mobility, meh waveclear and kinda bad laning. If you get a decent mu its great.

Tier 2 is not weak champs. Lots of my mains are actually there.
ddieguito_es | November 6, 2022 6:26am
Sejuani is actually a very strong midlaner.
Dustyacer (4) | November 6, 2022 7:22am
This comment is very ironic since i am in the middle of testing sej mid rn. Do think she's more like tier 2 rn (since ap sej kinda sucks so u gotta play tank sej)
ddieguito_es | December 5, 2022 12:15pm
Sorry for the late answer. Sej mid with doran's ring into demonic embrace into default taky build is actually amazing in the midlane. I carry first strike and it works pretty well
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