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{Patch 9.18} Support Tier List for low ELO (Iron 4 - Plat 4) Patch 9.18

20_Seven's Tier List 20_Seven's Tier List
Last updated on September 18, 2019
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This list isn't going to give you your usual "What are the pro's playing?" because what works in high ELO and what works in low ELO can vary for many reasons. I'm a Swain Support main and just hit Plat 4 with him, so that's why I regard him so highly - he's a low ELO stomper and brings all tools that a Support needs (yes, he peels, you just need to rely on your E CD and aiming skill.)

Always relevant

These picks can carry, even if behind. There are STRONG supports that could fall in this list, but require a lane partner that is competent, something you can't always count on in low ELO.


Strong with teamwork

Here's the rest of the strong picks that require your lane and team to have a bit more coordination in order to maximize the champions' effectiveness.


Mage tier [Risky]

These picks can win in lane, but struggle a bit if put behind.


Beef Tier, needs teamwork

Having a lane partner and team that understand these champs is essential to maximizing their effectiveness. If your team doesn't know when to followup on these engages, you're left caught out and probably dead. I'd rate these guys lower than Tier 2 as I think those are mostly better picks in Solo Queue.

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