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Personal Off-meta supports Patch 10.15

sashadidntwalk's Tier List sashadidntwalk's Tier List
Last updated on August 4, 2020
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Off-meta Supports that I play and that work really well for me.
I tried to explain as best as possible why each one is in each tier but if you don't agree with me please let me know!
I love hearing about off-meta stuff and hearing what works for who.
The champs are not put in order!


Orianna and Shen actually feel like supports that provide shielding and save people, building support-like items doesn't make them useless but actually works and they feel good while roaming. Orianna can make really nice plays with ADC's or JG because of the synergy with her ULT. Shen can easily save people from across the map also.Amumu has amazing CC and feels like a stronger Leona, I guess? Playing with him you can roam a lot and make the enemies cry, a useful tank support truly. Can deal dmg while tanking everything, CC and good roamer.Neeko is not only VERY fun, but has CC, has her W to fool enemies, deals dmg and has so many options of runes - from electrocute to burst, to predator to roam the **** out of the enemy team, glacial or arcane for poke and so on. One of my favorite champions ever and I play really good while playing her as support. Ahri provides CC and can help push waves well/deals high dmg, but I personally don't think she could count as an ACTUAL support. Why she's in S tier then? Simply REALLY fun and still provides quite a lot of help. She can catch up to unfinished enemies and finish them off and her E can be easy kills for her ADC.



Anivia plays pretty nicely as a support, CC and can save herself and help out with waves, but I put her in A not in S because I personally can't play her that well. Camille was a hard choice between A or B for some things - she has CC, but it is hard to hit (why I'd but her in B), if you're playing against champions with hooks like Blitz, Naut or Thresh, or a high CC like Leona it's hard to catch her (why I'd put her in A), her ult can trap people so the ADC can finish them off easier (why I'd put her in A), she can catch up to unfinished enemies easily and get out of fishy situations or even roam easily (why I'd put her in A), but she provides no healing/shielding for her allies or help that much (why I'd put her in B), also really item dependent to be useful (why I'd put her in B). Zoe in the beginning of the game feels like a pretty good support - can pick up useful items with her W not only for herself but for her ADC as well (heal, redemption etc) and can CC the enemies while doing quite a lot of dmg following up with her Q - easy kill for an ADC. But I feel like building support items on her ruins her one-shot plays at the end of the game and she kind of stops being a support in late-game. Still really fun and can be useful, but I don't think she's S tier.



Annie feels fun, has CC but her short range doesn't really work. I don't recommend playing this in ranked, she's quite weak compared to other supports and it often feels like you have to sit back and wait for lvl 6 to do anything useful as a support with her.With Ashe you can make it work but you really need to understand matchups. Def not a first-pick but a situational one. You have a few choices - stay back and W or go in and fight but then die. Playing her in the beginning will provide a lot of poke and teammate flaming but at late game she really falls off and feels a bit useless. She does provide slows and a stun with her ult but that's the only useful thing I see in her as a support, especially considering late game.Aurelion Sol will feel a bit weak - mana problems and a bit weak, but you can somewhat make it work if you roam a lot. The good thing is (why I didn't put him in C) is the due to the fact that Spellthief's gives him a movement speed passive. Has pretty good peel also, but you need to be pretty experienced with him if you want to try this out.Veigar feels fun as a support, but by choosing to to play this you'll be throwing away stacks, cs and late game growth because he's pretty weak early game. Why not C then? The good thing about him is the CC cage which is one of the best zoning skills in the game. Sadly, after you use it your ADC will not have a support until CD refreshes. 



Teemo has no engage on his own, you will really depend on your team if you choose to support as him. He's like a tool to make the enemies engage less effective. But the good thing about him is that he does provide dmg and has wards that do dmg also! Is it fun? Yes. But is it easy? No. I wouldn't really say it's worth it especially if you're going against bursty or heavy engage supports because then your lane will look very ugly.Had to think hard to decide to put him in B or C but imagine it being in-between. But why? I feel like he's really useful only if you have an ADC that works well with him. The best ones would be PTA ADCs. For example: Tristana, Xayah or Lucian (or some off-meta ADCs). In the beginning you can poke quite well with Q and if you have an ADC you have synergy with you can just walk back while they engage so you get out untouched. But you late game will not be any good, so leave the kills for the ADC. I do not at any cost recommend taking him vs tanky supports though. 

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