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semisomniac's League of Legends Tier List

Welcome to semisomniac's Tier List. This list is 100% controlled by semisomniac. Feel free to comment on or rate it. Or if you want to show your expertise Create a Tier List of your own.

personal rage list ಠ_ಠ Patch 9.11

semisomniac's Tier List semisomniac's Tier List
Last updated on June 5, 2019
3604 20
12 Votes


Just a place to write down what champs are annoying as hell to me... yes, these are biased and not taken too seriously, so please don't get salty. WIP


nerf pls ...



picks I hate seeing as a support player


let me play the game ffs

not an assassin fan, just let me be sad in peace. seriously though. if you were gonna kill me, couldn't you at least leave me more than half a second to say some last words?


General annoyances

maybe they aren't necessarily busted, nor are they botlaners or assassins, but I hate seeing these guys too



if the enemy has them and they have any idea how the game works, you don't get to play the game