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Personal Support Main List Patch 10.13

Glimiar's Tier List Glimiar's Tier List
Last updated on July 6, 2020
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4 Votes
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Disclaimer: I heavily prefer enchanters and poke mages to tanky or engage supports

Support mains




big maybe


still questioning

either questionable playstyle but interesting or fits my playstyle and still don't really like them


if they were actual supports

i like helping allies



i dont like melees


i dont play broken champions

i dont like hooks :(

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SELORONIOS (44) | May 29, 2020 9:19am
Rakan has a short range but he's not melee. If you have a Xayah to play with, he's more fun.
lemonbellflower (20) | May 18, 2020 4:47pm
I'm loving all your descriptions here, it's one of my pet peeves of these tier lists is more people just put champs in tiers and don't explain them like you do, I really appreciate what you've done--thank you! As for your content, I can so be here for this. We disagree on hooks, but I love that you have an entire tier for them. Makes it more personal, and that's fair, playing against a hook support is ANNOYING AF. In the cases of Yuumi, Morgana, and Sona, I play them personally, and I really like what you've mentioned about them. I absolutely recommend Yuumi if you like not having to worry about your own positioning as much. The biggest downside to Yuumi is that if your ADC sucks, there is jack nothing you can do about it and you are squishy as all hell--unless you've got a W boost you can speed yourself out of there, if your attached champ dies, you basically give the other team a double kill. She's also horribly mana-hungry until you get your mana regen up. Morg and Sona are both really fun to play, I agree, I love their concept, and Morg's rooting skills are just so fun to dish out. Anywhom, I apologize this comment rambled on so long, but I really like your list--thank you for updating after 6 months so I could see it!
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