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Prelish's Tier List Patch 10.24

Prelish's Tier List Prelish's Tier List
Last updated on December 5, 2020
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New Tier List


- WTF is ..... yeah
- Counters are either specific bullies or champs that are good against people who don't have a lot of experience playing
- One Tricks are champs that have a different way of using spells to deal damage and thus require large effort of mastering
- Okay But Hard are champs that are similar to one tricks but instead of it being the way they fight its instead how they lane. Champs that find it difficult to play early and usually need to scale to do much
- Okay are champs that usually rely too heavily on landing one ability
- Good are champs that tend to have lots of mobility while also including defensive abilities and overall have safe laning phases
- Really Good are champs that include a lot of carry potential while having very safe movement abilities
(Champs are not ordered in each tier)
(This list is relevant to s11)

Really good

Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description


Okay but hard

Tier Description


one tricks

Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description

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SELORONIOS (82) | May 26, 2020 6:21am
Hi, I understand that SITUATIONAL means that it's dependent on things like player's skill and team comps and... but still, Orianna and Malzahar are in a more stable situation. Orianna may struggle early game but she's pretty strong mid-late game and provides so much damage and help in teamfights. Malzahar is also a safe pick which is hard to go wrong. I don't think he's on much of a good spot currently but I think champs like Ryze or Akali are more dependent. They rely so much on their player experience.
lemonbellflower (22) | May 11, 2020 9:07pm
Hullo! I like your tier list! Twisted Fate, as much as I love him, definitely gets put where he belongs, he... really only does have one thing going for him. Still adore the weird little Card Deck McCree. I'd really love to see comments on your champs, though, I don't know where to begin or what to ask. Is this in general what you play, or a specific lane or role? I'd love to hear more on LeBlanc, Annie, and Yasuo especially on why you placed them where you did.
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