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Solo Q Mid Patch 7.12

Mowen's Tier List Mowen's Tier List
Last updated on June 23, 2017
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Hey all! I just hit Gold in solo queue, and have hit it a while ago in flex queue. I do not profess to be an expert or particularly good. This is just my experience and thoughts based on my own ranked journey. If you are around my skill level you might find some of my thoughts useful!

Win without much skill (like me)

Champs that are strong, easy to pick up, and don't require immense skill to pilot


Win with some skill required, but not too much

For when the ezmode champs get too boring


win with Lots of skill required, maybe too much

Man I want to be good with these champs but I suck and I'm not convinced they're worthwhile to learn

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aeide (7) | June 2, 2017 11:17am
I would argue Syndra belongs in top-tier. It takes almost no practice at all to properly handle her balls (yikes that sentence) and her R is a near-one shot on any squishies. I'd move Anivia down too, while fairly easy to play her wall can really destroy your own team without decent practice. Otherwise, good list!
Mowen (610) | June 2, 2017 12:32pm
I've only played Syndra a couple of times in normals (trying to practice up a bit to use her in ranked) so I will have to reassess once I have played her a bit more. I definitely found I could be effective with her even though I was doing a lot of things suboptimally. The main thing I see that needs practice on her is her stun and like Lady Amelyne said being able to calculate when you can burst someone down with your combo.
Lady Amelyne (35) | June 2, 2017 12:03pm
Syndra really isn't as simple as people make her out to be just because they got oneshot while playing a squishy champion. Proper positioning is paramount, and players with insufficient mechanical skill will never be able to fully utilize her lane presence. Knowing how to calculate your damage is a big part of playing her, too.
aeide (7) | June 7, 2017 1:40pm
That may be true, but she's got a super long-range stun that's pretty easy to land, so even if you whiff everything else she's got that initiation. I don't know, I could just have acclimated to her really, really quickly, but her and Annie are my go-to champions in the very very rare times I have to mid.
Lady Amelyne (35) | June 1, 2017 4:19pm
I might be kind of biased here, but the difference between someone who just randomly decided to play Ahri and someone with hundreds of games on her is night and day. Sure, she's not hard to use, but an outsider can't realiably judge the matter. Sadly, the truth of the matter is that even people who quite frankly suck at her have success playing her.

Could probably fit Cass in the last tier, too, but I don't really agree that Ori's -that- hard. Someone who isn't really experienced with her can utilize her kit without too much difficulty after a few games. Just putting a ball on whoever engages often does the job.
Mowen (610) | June 2, 2017 9:21am
I would say that is the same for every champ. Some champs are easy to pick up but all champs take time to master the nuances of their play. Still I think new Ahri players can easily be effective and impactful in the game even without much prior Ahri experience.

Cass would be good to put in the last tier! I'll add her now.

I kind've waffle on Ori. Just to me it seems like it's easy to mess up with her and she doesn't do THAT much damage to compensate. Her utility is great but it seems to be better employed in a coordinated (on comms) team that in solo queue. Still, I am considering it, I could easily accept I'm just terrible at keeping track of the ball in teamfights myself. :^)

I did at least re-order that section for now to convey that Ori is easier to learn than Taliyah etc.
Lady Amelyne (35) | June 2, 2017 10:56am
Yeah, of course. It's mostly just the state of the champion, really. Caitlyn is another good example of a that, too. You really do notice stuff like that when it comes to movement patterns and knowing just how much damage you can output at any given time.
PsiGuard (1495) | June 1, 2017 3:12pm
Ah, the Mowen TF. A classic.
Mowen (610) | June 2, 2017 12:33pm
You know it. ;) I've finally gotten to play him some in ranked and actually feel successful haha. Feels a lot harder than it used to!
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