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SUPPORT TIER LIST [10.9] Patch 10.9

Kokonat89's Tier List Kokonat89's Tier List
Last updated on May 11, 2020
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Best pick of the moment, able to carry the gameBest pick of the moment, able to carry the game



Good picks of the moment, a lot of utiliity and good impact to the gameGood picks of the moment, a lot of utiliity and good impact to the game



Solid picks, able to counter the S+ and S tier and to snowball over themSolid picks, able to counter the S+ and S tier and to snowball over them



Picks which are mostrly picke to counter the lane opponentĀ Picks which are mostrly picke to counter the lane opponentĀ 



Not properly good choises, but still able to do theyr jobNot properly good choises, but still able to do theyr job

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lemonbellflower (20) | May 11, 2020 8:48am
I love to see Sona, Janna, and Senna where they are, I think they get shortchanged sometimes but I really love playing them and playing alongside them, I think they can both CC well and actually do some real damage while they're at it. Thank you for explaining your Yuumi pick, that was my first question getting here, and while I agree that you are super reliant on your ADC to actually be good, once you get good, you're going to get flamed with people crying that the only reason why your team is winning is because Yuumi's there. She's mana hungry, but with the right items that fixes itself quickly. I dunno. Words aren't coming out right, they haven't been since we've been quarantined, but I think her mid to late game Never (let the champion) Die cheat makes up for her squishy early game.
Kokonat89 (1) | May 12, 2020 2:42am
I mostly play support and champions like Sona (excellent poke damage, excellent cures and shields and many utilities to the adc), Janna (slows, big shields and cures / disengages) and Senna (practically an adc disguised as capable support to bring a great advantage to their adc and to the whole team thanks to its ulty) they make me enjoy every game (Janna less because I don't play it very honestly). Yuumi, on the other hand, suffers too much from his dependence on the champion he supports but it is true that from the mid to the late game it is almost impossible to make the champion to whom he attacks die, allowing him to make excellent team fights. Thank you for your comment
kiranezio (10) | May 4, 2020 6:53am
I noticed that you have placed yuumi and sona in C tier. I think yuumi and sona deserve better positioning in the tier list. I could give my reasons for that. Sona is champion who can heal the whole team and has a powerful ultimate. In late games her healings are even strong, she even increases our movement speed while chasing and escaping, she does it for all champions around her. Besides that she could also deal a massive damage in early game which helps to win lanes more easily. Yuumi is weaker earlier but as game goes and goes she gets stronger and stronger. She is one of the magical champion who changes the game at any right moment. If anyone in slightly fed that's more than enough for her to make her carry the whole game. I have seen many games where yuumi turned the game around in late game. I strongly recommend if she is in the enemy team end it quickly as possible. Yuumi has a specific champions who sync with her in the late game. I have created a tier list where I have made list of champions which makes a deadliest combos in late game. If you find time, please do see it and give your opinion. Janna is not a strong pick she can't carry the game and like sona and yuumi can. As she can do better in early while it comes to late game her abilities is not effective. She is neither a tank nor damage. She can heal only with her ult which is useful only when we are low. Incase both we and enemy are low in heath her ult heals us and also pushes away the enemy champion which is in favour of enemy team. If I'm wrong please do mention them.
Kokonat89 (1) | May 4, 2020 8:06am
You have not seen well, Sona is in tier A (which I consider a very good tier but who suffers a lot if as an opponent of lane pick one of the champions of the upper tier because of their shields / utilities / escapes / engagement and disengagement tools) . Instead I put yumi in tier C because in order to work well it needs a strong champion (possibly fed) to be able to do its job, it suffers a lot from the early game because of its long CDs and relative little heals (in addition to the lack of real protections for the adc). So if he goes away immediately he can hardly recover. I agree with you that he manages to overturn some situations in the late game but only if he has taken advantage before or only if attached to a champion who has snowbolled, in essence he is in tier C because his strength conditions depend too much on others. I speak absolutely of my own experience in the game, thanks for the comment, it was helpful and constructive :)
kiranezio (10) | May 4, 2020 8:27am
yeah i agree with you and what about Janna?
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