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Support Tier List [Patch 11.9] Patch 11.9

EvoNinja7's Tier List EvoNinja7's Tier List
Last updated on May 10, 2021
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New Tier List


I don't know much about the Support role, so this is written from my experience as an ADC Player.
Please give me feedback, who I should add, if I should move people up etc.
Don't be toxic, it won't end well for you.



Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description

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TheImmortalEye (15) | May 11, 2021 3:00am
thx buddy love the list u speak out of my soul there XD i also hate lux with a burning passion as i feel either dirty by ks ing or just not being useful to my adc which is why i switched to neeko and the amounts of saves u can do with an ult or e combo is amazing. lulu truly is an adcs blessing i pick it always when i can see my adc knows wad theire doing. i think u forgot galio he basicly replaced shen support as he has more cc and his ult is better as a supporttool with shield and knockup but he should prob be c then too still he gets nerfed all the time

funny story did you know nautilus hook uses morganas connect binding while other hooks use blitz as a basedesign, this causes nauts hook to be "magnetic" as its hitbox is way bigger than people expect

with karma i could help.... shes a beast that does about 400 dmg with one r q hit till lv 8 hits and she scales down and becomes a living locket of the iron solari every 35 s . very good early and then scales down more and more as she doesnt rly have powerspikes. with skill very good still.
EvoNinja7 (18) | May 11, 2021 9:54am
Glad you're enjoying the tier list man. Lux is a champion I hate to see, but don't mind as long as they're good. Nautilus is just a very strange champion if that's the case XD.
Karma seems pretty strong, i might try her out and maybe mover her up.
TheImmortalEye (15) | May 11, 2021 9:59am
Hi yeah look it up naut was basicly created as the cc champ a champ that only has cc as his motive, but his hook was created by reshaping morg q in a linework, thats why the hook can connect to the left or right so basicly its magnetic, it depends on the player with naut to me, he has a good cc chain but nothing else afterwards he just pokes u with 40 ad autos, theres metas and lower elo where hes just insane. Overall great list and im just so curios to see good adc opinions. do you like laning with a pyke? just a question as he prob makes adcs feel like chumps when he goes 8 0 0 while theire 2 3 , i just know him cause i beat him with neeko when 30 min reaches and he becomes relativly useless XD

btw vel koz is worth it and he teaches u math too he and neeko are the most fun most effective ap poke supports, just dodge if theres more than 2 fast assasins or you will go 4 11 10 ( trust me)
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