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The best solo queue junglers to win with Patch 7.17

Autoswitched's Tier List Autoswitched's Tier List
Last updated on August 30, 2017
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So this is my opinion on the best junglers to take. You should note that obviously if some of the lower tier champions get ahead, it can be difficult for the enemy to come back e.g. Jax late game as a jungler is insane, however getting to that stage can be difficult if you didn't pressure enough, and as a jax, it can be hard. Yi obviously my favourite champion, however it can take a lot of effort to win with him, and solo carrying is easy if you're really fed, but getting fed can be an issue thus he's not at that S tier yet.

Sejuani is VERY STRONG right now, she has cc, damage, utility all in one, she can be a front like, she can offer peal, her ganks are very strong, and she has multiple cc abilities.

Maokai also in a similar position with point and click cc on his w, decent clear speed, sustain and hard engage being able to lock a team down whilst soaking a lot of damage.

S+ Tier

These champions are probably the easiest to win with.Nunu is a special case: If you got a really good adc,



These champions are pretty standard, and are strong, however some may require mechanics or game knowledge to do wellThey're generally never a bad choice. NOTE: Rammus obviously wouldn't be taken vs full ap comps.


A tier

These champions are pretty good but can be easily countered however in solo queue, they can be hard to deal with. Generally, not a bad choiceHowever there may be champions who can do their job better, or may have safer early game.Kayn notes! -  Kayn is a difficult champion to rate, in my opinion he's stuck between s and A tier, if you play him perfectly, he can easily be S tier, however, as people are still learning his stuff and depending on the transformation taken, I'd leave him in A tier for now.


B tier

Generally quite weak and harder to win with, but in the right hands, can be strong


Bottom tier

Generally bad choices/better choices for the role.

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