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Top 3 Champions For Each Role Patch 7.15-7.16 Patch 7.15

Doffblock's Tier List Doffblock's Tier List
Last updated on August 8, 2017
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If you need help picking out a select champion pool for the meta, here's mine. They're based off of their influence, counterplay, and overall strength in the current meta. Right now, heavy tank top laners and cinderhulk junglers are taking over the meta. AD assassins that rush Duskblade like Zed and Talon are becoming stronger after the control mage nerfs, however, Zed lacks the ability to actually carry his team. Control mages took some heavy nerfs in 7.16, but Orianna will still remain dominant. Twisted Fate can now shine with his roaming potential and ability to snowball thanks to the nerfs of the oppressive control mages. Maokai's sapling nerf in 7.16 was not actually that bad. His clears are now a LITTLE slower but his overall ganking ability and sustain remain the same. Twitch is extremely strong atm and can assassinate other marksman as well as completely wipe a teamfight using his ult. Ardent Censer is extremely busted right now, and Janna and Lulu are both able to capitalize on that the best. Thresh is at the top due to his ability to land game-changing hooks, but his spot on the list is arguable for another shield/heal support (Soraka..). They are not ordered from strongest to weakest or vice versa.

Maokai- His passive sustain is just so strong and the new Bramble Vest makes matchups against bullies and hypercarries far less painful
Darius- His passive hard-counters a top lane meta where tanks thrive. He wins almost all duels and has almost no bad matchups (he wins against ALL heavy tanks).
Jarvan IV- Still strong and popular. Sets up easy ganks for his jungler and can roam mid to get a snowball going. Just an overall top pick in the competitive scene and solo queue for a long time.

Jungle: (If this was a "Top 4" I would've included Zac)
Maokai- Scales like an absolute monster with Cinderhulk. Good sustain, decent clear, and amazing ganks.
Cho'Gath- Must play in those 1 out of 10 games he isn't banned. Gargoyles Stoneplate is so easy to abuse with his ultimate and he just does way too much damage.
Sejuani- Another cinderhulk jungler with the best mix of cc, damage, mobility, and clear.

Talon- Try to learn this champion if you can. His level 2 all-in isn't quite as noticed in the lower elos and its so easy to start a snowball from there. Your roams are top tier and you don't really need blue buff to compete with other mid laners (though its still nice to have). Your ability to one-shot the opponent everytime he steps into lane is what makes him top tier.
Orianna- The Rank 1 player in EUNE, Dopa/Apdo, and other top solo queue players spam this champ in the mid lane. She has the ability to play completely safe and just farm up until she hits her mid-late game where she has the ability to one-shot anyone and everyone in less than a second. The nerfs didn't actually hurt her wave clear too much, and adjusting how you go for trades in lane easily compensates for the shield nerf. She is the safest mid-laner by far.
Twisted Fate- Gold card makes you always useful. You can set up easy ganks, easy trades, easy roams, easy picks, etc. Already explained most of it above, but tl;dr nerfing the other control mages made him strong again.

ADC: In my honest opinion, I believe every ADC champion can perform their role and carry based on the player's skill. However, these champs perform the best in the current meta.
Kog'Maw did not make the cut despite his popularity and his W that can potentially counter the tank meta. His kit lacks the tools to properly position and reposition himself, which makes him an easy pick for the enemy team.
Twitch- He outduels every adc other than a good Draven. He's able to get easy solo kills and massacre teamfights.
Tristana- Scales incredibly well all throughout the game and is just a natural hypercarry. Her W gives her so many options in teamfights.
Jinx- Hypercarry that shreds frontline tanks.

Support: tl;dr Ardent Censer still OP, Ancient Coin nerfs hurt but doesn't really ruin anyone.
Janna- Best peel and disengage out of all supports. Easily abuses Ardent Censer.
Lulu- Abuses Ardent Censer. Counters popular assassins (Talon, Zed, Kayn, etc.)
Thresh- The hardest out of these supports, but his ability to start and choose game-winning fights with his hook is great for solo queue.

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MythicMike (1) | December 11, 2019 3:34am
This is a very good and detailed tier list. I can see that you've put in effort. I agree with the champions you've chosen, but some of them like Maokai have received some changes since this patch so i'm sure his position would change. But overall good tier list.
Witwickies (2) | August 12, 2017 2:52pm
Nice tier list actually. I have got a small question. As you mentioned, Ardent Censer is currently OP, and Ancient Coin was nerfed. Don't you think that it's time to shine for Karma? With her E empowered by R sometimes even all team members can beneft from Ardent. What is more, Karma usually starts with Spellthief's Edge. Actually, she can even help in good reposition of ADC and other teammates with E's speed boost and Q's slow. What is your opinion? ^^
Doffblock | August 13, 2017 8:10pm
She's a great pick right now and giving Ardent Censer to your entire team with your ult-e is great. She has good poke and lane dominance the only problem is that she doesn't have a specific strength and shes just an overall round pick. She's always blind-pickable and she's a strong contender for top three.
Foodking123 | September 10, 2017 7:31am
What about sona or Soroka aren't they really op for support. Spell thief is really good to instead of ancient coin.
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