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Top/Jungle top 3 champions to main (Patch 11.13) Patch 11.13

Nordokus's Tier List Nordokus's Tier List
Last updated on June 23, 2021
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Ornn: Good splitpusher, strong tank, buffs teammates, strong lategamePantheon: You can get easy kills in early game with your passive, easy roam with ultKayle: Only farm dont even try to fight (weak) after 6 its much more easier. Ult is op in teamfights.



Karthus: Huge dmg at mid game, global ult saves games, hard to master (especially positioning).Nunu: Lots of roam, tank, CC, early game championWarwick: Easy to 1v1 anyone, late game so strong, lots of move speed/heal, easy to master

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maxwell redbaron | July 4, 2021 1:26am
is dificult to believe this is up to date. xin and nocturne are out of control lately
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