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TOP LANE TIER LIST [10.9] Patch 10.9

Kokonat89's Tier List Kokonat89's Tier List
Last updated on May 11, 2020
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New Tier List


Best pick of the moment, able to carry the game


s Tier

Good picks of the moment, a lot of utiliity and good impact to the game


a tier

Solid picks, able to counter the S+ and S tier and to snowball over them


b tier

Picks which are mostrly picke to counter the lane opponentĀ 


c tier

Not properly good choises, but still able to do theyr job

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EvoNinja7 (3) | May 12, 2020 2:27am
Just to clarify, your tier list is mostly accurate, except that sylas and Aatrox shouldn't be so low. I have played with lots of them and have come to the conclusion that no matter who you play against, you will carry your team. With Aatrox, he doesn't rely on poking THAT much, his W and Q combo can delete opponents early game.
Kokonat89 (1) | May 12, 2020 2:53am
I put these two champions so low because in the current meta they are not performing well compared to those who are the champions in the top teir lists (in my opinion). Sylas suffers too much from the early game, and most of the time he needs to go to the late game in order to perform and recover the gap with the other champions. On the other hand, Aatrox instead has a good level of poke that does not allow the opposing champion to farm (or hard to farm) but it is also true that it is easily countered by the vast majority of top laners (since they took away immortality from its ulty have completely destroyed this sample). Thank you for the comment, hope my answer has been usefull
EvoNinja7 (3) | May 12, 2020 8:56am
It was thanks!
SELORONIOS (64) | May 5, 2020 8:00am
Hmm, Your Top lane tier list is really good. btw I didn't know Gnar builds sanguine blade... I rarely even see a Gnar.
Kokonat89 (1) | May 5, 2020 8:22am
In the last few weeks I have tried many times to play gnar with the sanguine blade and it has always done its excellent job leading me to victory. The fact that the health of this champion scales a lot during the game, together with the attack speed and the life steal of the sanguine blade, make it an excellent pick for the top lane (since most of the champions of that lane suffer ranged attacks).
SELORONIOS (64) | May 5, 2020 8:29am
I personally don't build it unless I'm going for Assassin role. because I don't think it worth the money if I'm going to focus on teamfights. I usually build it when playing Nocturne jungle because it's really great on him. Nocturne can benefit every aspect of it so much. (because most of his targets are alone enemies. which is easy for him to get them because of his Ultimate).
The reason I got surprised when I saw it for Gnar is because most of the Gnar players I've fought before go for tanky builds and have a strong impact on teamfights which isn't really the place that sanguine shines.
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