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Top Lane Tier List for Plat Solo Queue Patch 10.9

Rickyyyyyy's Tier List Rickyyyyyy's Tier List
Last updated on May 12, 2020
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SELORONIOS (64) | May 26, 2020 6:29am
I haven't seen a Kayn top yet. I guess it's kinda normal for him to come top because of his recent change But I don't know if it really works well. It will be tough for him before his transformation and I can't imagine playing him vs champs like Darius, Renekton, Fiora and...
there are just many champs that can destroy him before his transformation. (I honestly don't think that his transformation gonna do much vs those champs. I usually prefer playing blue Kayn because of his one shot game style.)
Can you explain why you think he belongs in that tier? (alongside Nasus, Vladimir, Jax and ...)
lemonbellflower (21) | May 12, 2020 4:12pm
Hullo! I like your tier list, it's very put together. All of those top tier champions are ban-worthy, they're that good. I personally would put Garen with Darius? I think they're pretty evenly matched champion wise and it really comes down to how the summoner plays them, although, that's really hard to really fail at as those two are the easiest League has to offer. I'd love to see more comments on these champions! I can see why they'd be placed in my perspective, but I'd love to hear more of yours. (I didn't even think I'd even see Skarner there, people play him top??)
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