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Top Laning: Self-Sustaining Patch 12.4

N.I.'s Tier List N.I.'s Tier List
Last updated on February 28, 2022
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Trying to play Top Lane, but the opponent keeps out-trading you?
Tired of having to recall because your health gets low?
Then maybe a self-sustaining champions is for you!


Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description



Tier Description

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Karinutsa (45) | September 26, 2021 2:22am
Self-sustain is a fancy name for tank :))
Joke aside, this is a nice accurate tier list. Good job!
IIGoTII (3) | July 5, 2021 2:23am
Warwick's healing is disgusting , he can 1v9 with no lifesteal items .
They abuse him in top bc of it .
He needs to be put a little bit higher tier .
Metallichydra (20) | July 3, 2021 1:39pm
Garen should be in a tier above the rest. Not only is his passive insanely good for staying in lane, he doesn't even have mana, so he can't really run out of anything.
TheImmortalEye (15) | June 28, 2021 2:41am
nice tier list, i think sett should join because of his passive to if possible as he regens a lot.
N.I. (3) | June 29, 2021 1:40am
Nice catch, thanks.
Knew he had the left-right punch passive, but hadn't noticed that he "regenerates x health per second based on % missing health".
TheImmortalEye (15) | June 30, 2021 12:39am
he basicly has a mini garen passive added to his normal one XD
Doody_tco (25) | March 31, 2021 5:47am
really? LOL!! YOU SHOULD SEE HOW I WENT 1/21/8 Cho'Gath WHEN THEY BANNED MY Kayle!! XDDDDD I am super bad with melee champions, I really really want to master how to play melee champions, I mainly play AD carry and enchanters, the only tank I played is Leona as support xD So please, if you can give me few tips on how to play melee champs like the ones you mentioned I will be grateful xd
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