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My On-Hit JAX TOP GOD will 1v5 CARRY - Season 13 Build ๐Ÿ”ฅ Report Report


My On-Hit JAX TOP GOD will 1v5 CARRY - Season 13 Build ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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My On-Hit Jax Season 13 Build won't only make you have INSANE DAMAGE that will be able to Melt any Tank (Or Not) Champion but also give you an INSANE amount of sustain by combining Conqueror, Divine, Blade of the ruined king and multiply the healing with Spirit Visage, Revitalize even further, making you have DAMAGE, HP, HEALS to be able to carry as Jax 1v5 with ease ๐Ÿ”ฅ
League of Legends Top Jax Preseason 2023 Gameplay

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You want the best Season 13 Jax TOP NEW RUNES Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE/BOT/SUPPORT? Then enjoy:
For runes we will be using:
Precision + Resolve
For Precision:
- Conqueror (Bonus AD plus Healing at full stacks that you can multiply even further from revitalize-spirit visage)
- Presence of mind (Infinity amount of mana to fight non-stop)
- Legend: Alacrity (Bonus attack speed)
- Coup de Grace (More Damage at Low health targets)
For Resolve:
- Second wind (Bonus regeneration that will stack with doran's shield and make you even stronger in lane phase (and not only))
- Revitalize (Multiply your HEALS and SHIELDS by 5-15% and be unstoppable)
Also you will get for:
OFFENSE: 10% attack speed
DEFENSE: 6 armor/MR/HP
This runes will give you everything you need for Jax to do insane damage
Full Jax s13 Items build Order: Divine, Blade of the Ruined king, Attack speed/Armor/Mr Boots, Spirit Visage, Rageblade, Sterak/Black cleaver/Bloodthirster/Wit's END/Lord dominik and Elixir of Wrath!

Press the attack #Jax vs #Fiora Top Lane Build Preseason 2023 Season 13 Gameplay League of Legends #LoLMeta

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Thanks for watching, don't forget that you are all awesome!!! ๐Ÿงก

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