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Top 3 in the world Chogath vs Riven Report Report


Top 3 in the world Chogath vs Riven

Created By BaLoRi
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In this youtube channel you will learn how to play ChoGath, with an unique way and Build! Follow my build and elo boost yourself!
Using my new Build with HexTech Protobelt as core item! This item can be called HexTech ChoBelt too!
Main Rank: Diamond 1! League of Legends Season 6 Full Game Commentary!

Player: BaLoRi, Top 3 Cho'Gath in the world vs Riven! Score 13-1,
so after destroying the top lane, moved to the fed bot lane to do the same :D

Target Runes/masteries build:
Masteries: 12/18/0
Runes: Full Magic Penetration Marks and Glyph, full armor Seals and 3 AP Quintessence!
For now my runes are Tier 2 :D
Its a full dmg build, if you play right you can do so much dmg that you will make your enemy surrender. Feel free to comment bellow!

İlkay Sarı said:
"What does Balori's Build have?

-Insane Burst
-Health Melting
-Magic Pen. 4 days!
-"Meat Tank"
-Gr8t Utility 4 the team
-Small chunk of CDR
-Early Game mana sustain (3 Doran's Rings baby!)

I really like this build. It's a lot better than the old RoA, Abyssal, Rabadons and the rest tank build.

It also utulisez Cho'gath s kit very well."


Feel Free to make any donations here:
So i can begin to stream!

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Intel Core i3 4330 3.5 GHZ
8GB Ram 1600Mhz
HD Share 4600
Windows 8.1 x64 pro

Program used: Open Broadcaster Software!

If you pleased with the content feel free to subscribe!
Thanks for watching!

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