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League of Legends Turret

Turrets (Towers)

Turrets are structures that attack enemy units. They have a lot of health, deal significant damage, and have an attack range of 800. When they are destroyed they grant everyone on your team gold as well as experience. There are 3 turrets in every lane, an outer turret, inner turret, and inhibitor turret. There are also 2 turrets guarding the nexus. The 3 lane turrets must be destroyed in the order of outer, inner, inhibitor in order to destroy the inhibitor for that lane.

Turrets will continue to attack their current target until the target dies, leaves attack range, or becomes untargetable due to abilities or items.

If an enemy champion within range deals damage to an allied champion (including via damage over time or a pet), the turret will change targets to that enemy champion unless the turret is already targeting another enemy champion.

When the current target is lost for whatever reason, the turret will select a new target—whichever of the following, in order, is found in range first:

  • The closest targetable Trap (i.e. Rampant Growth).
  • The closest enemy Pet (i.e. Hallucinate, Summon: Tibbers).
  • The closest enemy Siege Minion or Super Minion.
  • The closest enemy Melee Minion.
  • The closest enemy Caster Minion.
  • The closest enemy Champion.

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