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League of Legends Melee Minion

What is a Melee Minion?

Melee minions are units that are confined to the lanes of any given map unless provoked to chase a champion off its regular pathing. Melee minions charge directly against the enemy, and three spawn each wave. Melee minions have more health than Caster Minion s, but they don't deal as much damage, at an Attack Damage statistic that is almost half of that of Caster Minion s. They do however have almost double the attack speed.


Summoner's Rift :
- Three spawn each wave.
- Initially grant 22 gold on death in the first wave, increasing by +1 gold after the first wave, and +1 gold for every 5 minutes after.

Twisted Treeline :
- Three spawn each wave.
- Initially grant 29 gold on death, which then increases at the same rate as on Summoner's Rift.

Health: 445 (+20 / 3 min)
Attack Damage: 12 (+1 / 3 min)
Armor: 0 (+2 / 3 min)
Magic Resistance: 0 (+1.25 / 3 min)
Attack Speed: 1.250 Attacks per second.

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