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What are MOBAFire Ranks?

You have likely noticed a number of users on the site have different colored nicknames, and a title showing up under their name on comments. These color highlights and titles indicate that those users have been promoted to higher ranks within this community. These ranks grant them access to additional sections and features of the site.

What are the Ranks?

There are currently 6 ranks on MOBAFire.

Guests: Readers of the site that are not logged in or registered are considered guests. They cannot post or interact in any way, but are free to browse all of the public sections of the site.
Users: If you are registered but have not achieved any promotions, your rank is User. You can post and interact on the site freely, but there are still sections you cannot access.

Editors: This is the first promotion you can achieve on MOBAFire. Editors gain full access to tools that allow them to update database and to create and edit articles on the wiki. They also gain access to an exclusive editors forum where they can discuss editorial efforts.

Scouts: The second level promotion, Scouts gain the ability to give out scout points to guides. Each scout can give one scout point to any guides they choose. When a guide gets enough points from various scouts, it gets marked as a featured guide and promoted across the site. Scouts have access to a tool that allows them to track what guides are being scouted, as well as a private forum where they can discuss scouting activities.

Veterans: This is the final level promotion that can only be achieved by our most active and long-term dedicated members. It takes a lot of effort to reach Veteran status! Veterans have a direct line to the Admins to discuss their concerns and suggestions. This title is primarily a prestigious one, as there aren't any special Veteran-only tools except for the free champion rotation editor.

Moderators: Moderators are hand-picked by the Admins. They have access to a number of tools to make sure MOBAFire is a fun and fair place for everyone. They also have access to the powerful report system.
Like Shen, Mods are invisible with no activity. But as soon as you make trouble, they'll teleport in and smite you.

Administrators: Administrators are the creators of MOBAFire, Matt and FlashJ. More recently, Mowen, PsiGuard and Wayne3100 have joined the Administrator ranks.

How Do I Get Promoted?

There are two ways you can get promoted. The first is just getting to know the existing members and build a name for yourself in this community; just hang out on the site! If you get involved enough in the day to day on MOBAFire, we will take notice. Be a positive and active member of the community. Contribute, help, chat, post, share. If you get enough endorsements for a promotion we will put it through!

The second way is through your reputation score . Reputation score is a clear measure of the level of involvement and positive effects you have on the community. If your reputation score climbs high enough, you will get promoted!

Tip: Make sure you read about reputation to learn more about how the system works and what rules you must follow in growing your reputation.

Why would I want to be Promoted?

Statuses currently bring the following rewards:
  • Special title and rank (coloured highlight) on your name.
  • Access to a private set of forums to discuss things openly and directly with Admins, Moderators, Veterans, Scouts and Editors.
  • Early access to certain site features.
  • Ability to edit the DataBase and the Wiki pages.
  • Other occasional bonuses and perks!

Note that users DO NOT achieve their status by:
  • Being a top ELO player.
  • Having the highest rated guides.
  • Having a high post count.
  • Asking to be promoted.

Where can I find a list of the members with Ranks?

This information can also be found on the Credits page!

You can also find this via Player Finder and sorting by +rep.

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MissMaw (738) | February 6, 2015 12:01pm
They cannot.
mastrer1000 (134) | February 6, 2015 11:55am
Vengenator wrote:

What about the
RANK: Referee

referees are the people who do the inhouses(team balancing etc).
The color of their names is the same as editors, idk if they can do editor stuff though.
Vengenator (60) | February 6, 2015 11:49am
What about the
RANK: Referee
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