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League of Legends Using the Guide Editor - MOBAFire How To Series

Using the Guide Editor - MOBAFire How To Series

First of all, how do we get to the guide editor? An easy way is to click the "Craft Guide" button on the homepage. This will take you to, which you can also just bookmark if you like.

Now you are in the guide editor. A good place to start is making a champion build. Do this by clicking on one of the empty squares in the "Champion Build(s)" box. This will bring you to a list of champion icons. Simply click the icon for the champion the build is for.

I will focus on the Items tab since that is the most complex one and contains many features shared with the other tabs. However, if you need help with the other tabs as well there is an explanation for each tab in the spoilers below.

1. The item section uses "Purchase Orders" to make item builds more organized and fluid. Each purchase order will display as a separate section with it's own title and container. You can denote the title of the purchase order by using the Purchase Order Name field.

2. Select which items you want in each purchase order by left clicking the items in the Item Browser. This will put them in the purchase order, where you can click and drag to rearrange them. If you put it the same item multiple times in a row it will show up as one icon with an "x2, x3, x4" etc in the build.

3. The Purchase Order Notes give some explanation of when or why to get the items in the purchase order. If your purchase order has notes "+ NOTES" will show up by your Purchase Order Title. When someone mouses over the "+ NOTES" it will display the text you put in your purchase order note.

1. To add another purchase order simply click the "+" button to the right of your purchase order tabs (PO#1 button). This will make another Purchase order that is used the exact same way as old ones. There currently no way to rearrange purchase orders so plan your purchase orders carefully!

2. You will need to select one of your purchases orders as the "Core Items," denoted by clicking the checkbox that said "Core Items." The purchase order that is denoted as the Core Items will be what shows up as the item preview for the guide in your guide browser and are the items used for people searching by build.

3. If you want to delete a purchase order, to either remake it somewhere else or just to get rid of it, simply click the "X" to the right of the Purchase Order Title.

summoner spells

skill sequence




1. To add another build to your guide just click on an empty icon slot. This will create a whole new build with all the same options discussed earlier in this article.

2. If you need to delete a build for whatever reason click the "X" button in the right hand corner on the General (Summoner Spells) tab. Once this is done the build cannot be recovered unless you don't save the changes, so be careful!

3. If you have multiple builds in your guide it will help your readers if you title them by using the "Build Name" box. Good titles tell the reader what the build is for, such as "Jungle, Support, vs. AD, etc."

Chapters divide up your written guide content to help break up the information and help your readers find the information they're looking for. Each chapter title will show up in the Table of Contents, and readers can click this entry to be taken directly to that chapter.

If you don't want there to be a table of contents, or don't want to use MOBAFire's chapter system, simply use only one chapter and do not title it. This will cause there to be no chapter divisions / table of contents in your guide.

1. To add more chapters click the "Insert Chapter" button above or below your already existing chapters. You can also use some premade chapter titles to the right of the existing chapter boxes, under the "Guide Settings."

2. If you need to delete a chapter click the red "X" button in the bottom right of the chapter box. You can also use the green up and down arrows to move the chapters up or down relative to other chapters.

3. In the top right of the chapter box there are a couple of icons to help you when writing chapters. The "+" looking icon you can click and hold to drag your chapter and rearrange it. The arrow icon will collapse your chapter, similar to spoilers, and you can click it again to expand it. This is handy for minimizing already written chapters to more easily scroll to your uncompleted chapters.

The guide settings help pinpoint the specifics of what your guide is written for, and allows people browsing guides to find your's when they use certain filters or searches.

- The "Guide Type," "Choose Map," "Team Role," and "Lane" dropdowns help specify what your guide is all about. It also lets readers find your guide when they browse using these filters. Be sure to fill these out or your guide might not show up in certain places!

- Tags are keywords that are used when people type in words to search for the guides they once. Be sure to use no more than 5.

- C2V stands for "Comment to Vote." When you check this option the first 20 voters on your guide will be required to leave a comment. If you feel any votes are unfair or "troll votes" be sure to read this thread before reporting any votes.

To finish off your build make sure to give it an appropriate title. If you need any help with BBCoding or tips on how to make a good guide be sure to check out the the buttons to the right of the title box. These will take you to our wiki's BBCode Guide and jhoijhoi's Making a Guide.

These options save your guide to our database and let you preview what your guide will look like. The "Save" option just saves your guide but makes no public changes. The "Publish" option makes your guide public and publishes it to "Newest" guide listings if it's the first time you've used it. If you save your guide after publishing it the changes will not be made public until you use the publish button, and when you do this your guide will be put in the "Updated" guide listings. Use the "View" button to preview your saved changes.

Remember to save your guide often when you're writing in case of a server outage or your internet goes down. It may be wise to also save your guide in a Word Doc if you want an offline copy.

If you publish your guide but it's not showing up in the guide listings be sure to read this thread first before asking for assistance.

Once your guide is published you can use the "Edit" and "Archive" buttons. The Edit button will let you go back into the guide editor for your guide and make changes. The archive button hides your guide from all searches, disables commenting on your guide, but you can still link it to people to let them see it.

Once you go back into the guide editor you may be initially confused about where your build went. Builds are automatically collapsed when you edit your guide to allow you to get to your chapters faster. Simply left click on the icon for your build and it will pop back up so you can edit it.

This concludes the instructions for using the guide editor. Remember, this is simply a tutorial on how to use the guide editor, not on how to make quality guides. For more help with guide making be sure to check out some of these user generated resources:

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Mkcoolness (3) | February 22, 2018 1:18pm
When I press view it automatically publishhes. HELP
PsiGuard (1495) | February 22, 2018 2:05pm
If you click Save and then View, you should see a draft of your guide that is not accessible by other members. If you accidentally published a guide, I can unpublish it for you if you like. Just tell me which one(s).
Neptix | August 1, 2016 2:05am
How do i load an existing guid i made to change it ?
ghOOler | June 24, 2015 6:35pm
i saved it and i lost it, i want to open(load) it again, how can i do it?
Torragg | March 3, 2015 1:43pm
How do i publish it and not lose it because i hadnt logged in?
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