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League of Legends Assassin

What is an Assassin?

An Assassin is an agile champion that specializes in killing or disabling high value targets. Focused on infiltration, deception, and mobility, assassins are opportunistic hunters who find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray. Regardless of the size of the enemy team, assassins specialize in positioning and artful killing. They strike when the time is right – no sooner, no later.

General Assassin Criteria

  • High Damage Skill(s).
  • An ability or passive that negates or helps negate damage.
  • Glass Cannon build leaving them 'Squishy'.
  • Generally focus on 1v1 engagements and not AoE.
  • An ability that allows for quick exchanges of damage, as well as a way to disengage.
  • Not easily kited .

List of Example Assassins

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The Lamb Champ (2) | April 5, 2018 2:30pm
I tried to get this wiki entry into my guide by using [ [assassin] ] but I just got Assassin .
Trying to separate those two with the methods proposed in the BBCode Guide didn't work for me...
I tried every possible combination of 'assassin' with 'role' or 'roles' or even 'position' but it didn't work.
Any hints?
PsiGuard (1480) | April 5, 2018 3:26pm
Great question, looking into this.
PsiGuard (1480) | April 5, 2018 3:48pm
Looks like we don't have a workaround for wiki articles at the moment. We might be able to get a more permanent solution from the devs but for now I've added Assassin Role as an alias if you want a workaround right now. Unfortunately I don't have a way to link to the article while displaying the exact text "Assassin" so that's the best I can do until the devs potentially build something in.
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mwinter | December 8, 2017 7:08pm
I think an Assassin also needs something to engage easily with targets. Like maybe going invisible (Rengar, Shaco and Kha'zix) and also usually some sort of way to engage through a flash like move.
Inhumaniac | September 18, 2012 11:20am
If only more people would come to mobafire and actually read and understand the roles of the champion they are playing with!
vlin7 (1) | June 7, 2012 7:40pm
GJ very nice description
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