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Team 5 Vices
Feb 18th, 2013
Jan 31st, 2014


Hey everyone,

I am Rowin and i just freshly started to stream in Dutch and english,
depends on the people i play with.

Mainly i will try to coach people in 5v5.

My Solo Q Elo atm is 2253.
I started at End season 1. Main role ADC
I am 19 years old and I play games with my team Hellhouse if you think your good enough let me know. we need some good players still

So if you are a team and u miss a player you may try to check me for a game.
Requirement for this is at least having a lvl 30 account and being
able to speak english or Dutch.

We also can make appointments to practice together.

So feel free to visit my stream and ask me things in the chat.
I will try my best to point out interesting questions and answer them